Weekly Family Wall Calendar: Snoopy 2017

The unique thing about this Peanuts Weekly Wall Calendar is that it takes the concept of family planners to the wall calendar.

Is there anyone in the world who is not familiar with the Peanuts gang? I think it might be hard to find someone who is not. Using a Snoopy calendar to plan out your schedule for the year is a fun and nostalgic way to do it. Having pages that feature Charlie Brown, his lovable and mischievous dog Snoopy and the other characters from the famous comic strip will at least give you a giggle as you jot those important dates down whether it be on a wall calendar, planner, or desk calendar.

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Peanuts Weekly Wall CalendarThat is: you’ll find columns for each family member on each weekly spread, yet instead of being a planner for your purse, it’s a wall calendar which your kids and husband or partner can check as well.

This is a 16 month calendar, which starts in September and takes you right through to December the next year.

Because it’s meant for the whole family this is not so much a ‘mom calendar’ like most other family organizers on the market. It helps of course that the theme is Snoopy: if there’s one family friendly cartoon character that does NOT strengthen gender stereo types, it’s Snoopy. Let’s face it: it’s a dog. So this calendar will feel right even if it’s Dad who stays at home instead of Mom.

Perfect for organizing busy days and weeks throughout the year, the calendar hangs from its spiral binding helping to conserve desk space. Each weekly grid features a full-color PEANUTS strip and contains plenty of space to jot down appointments, meetings, or activities each day.

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