Calendar reminder stickers for moms, dads and their kids

The set to the right is the one meant for sports, club meetings, rehearsals and other extracurricular activities. Also by calendots is the set with school reminders like back to school day, field trips and (worst) holidays. Shown above are planning stickers with stickers for every occasion.

Moms duties stickers (can help dad too)
Moms duties stickers (can help dad too)

This last set isn’t by CalenDots, but is very practical for the family management non the less. In fact, I’m sure mom will need these especially, because they’re made to help her manage the family.

This set includes stickers that remind you of birthday parties, car repairs, doctor’s appointments, bills and more.

More calendar stickers of all sorts

In one family I know, each kid has their own calendar and they LOVE calendar stickers. Their mom describes the result as a sticker bonanza… And you know what? While they’re having fun with stickers, using their calendar, they’re learning to plan, learning how the week works, how months fit into the year etc.

Kids love stickers

With all the money going into expensive toys, electronics and tablets, you’d almost forget that stickers can put a smile on a child’s face very quickly.

I think it’s the combination of flash colors and the ability to stick it anywhere! It just goes to show that sometimes all a child needs to hear is ‘well done’ and all they need to believe that you mean it is a simple picture.

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