Cute Mom Planners, Calendars and Desk Agendas 2017

Moms and dads take on a lot. When I look at my brother and his wife, I see two struggling artists trying to make a living while also bringing up a baby girl. From my perspective it is really incredible what new parents put up with. They lose sleep, have to be awake to issues with their baby all the time and hardly have time to eat.

As children get older the challenges facing parents change. Parenting is no longer as non-stop. Older children can actually be told to ‘go play’. Still, there is the worry about how they fit into their class, their sibling rivalry, and of course their future. Will they get a job, finish an education, face discrimination, violence, justice? What will their chances be?

family planners

Family planners come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are big organizers and pocket size planners. The best is the one that fits your life of course, but my favorite one is this one on the right. It’s a desk calendar that’s still small enough to fit into your purse and has 13 months’ worth of planning space (August  through August the following year)

The ‘day-at-a-view’ has space for organizing the life of 5 people: mom (or dad) and 4 kids. Includes a monthly planner for your family as well. Mothers, you’ll love to be able to keep up with everything without going crazy.

This is one of the more affordable MomAgenda products, but still looks great. Embossing is possible in three colors and two fonts. I think this makes a great personalized gift. It’s available in eight wonderful colors and designs.


Do you want your organizer dated or undated? – I asked readers on a previous version of this page. This is what they said:

Undated! I like undated because I can start it anytime I want. Planners get wasted if you buy them part way through the year because they are dated.

I like it to start out with dates, because I’ve screwed up on writing in the dates too many times.

I agree with the latter opinion, which is why I’m glad the Mom Agenda planners are all dated. 

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