Cute baby pictures Planners and Calendars 2020-2021

Baby photographs on calendars and planners

Baby pictures are heart warming. Who can avoid smiling when seeing cute smiling or sleeping infants and toddlers? These calendars feature the photographs of Anne Geddes and Kelly Ryden & Tracy Raver.

I’ve also found you a cartoon calendar based around the usual chaos to be found surrounding a multi-kid family plus other brilliant calendars featuring babies.

Sleeping Beauties Planners and Calendars by Kelly Ryden & Tracy Raver


These wonderful pictures of newborn babies by Kelly Ryden and Tracy Raver were featured on a national television broadcast in the USA and immediately became an international sensation. The settings are natural, and the look on the faces of these infants is usually a bit pouty. People from around the world find the photographs irresistible. Now, you can enjoy a whole year of these heart warming images in these beautiful calendars.


Kelly Ryden and Tracy Raver make wonderful photographs of babies. Kelly takes the pictures, Tracy is responsible for the scenery and crafts involved. Both are very good at keeping the babies comfortable and happy – and it shows. They have a variety of different versions of their Sleeping Beauties to choose from.
Their wonderful photographs of newborn babies in natural settings were spotlighted on a national TV in the USA and immediately became an international sensation.

Raver Ryden Baby Calendars 2013

Kelly and Tracy also organize workshops on how to make these pictures.
The planners start in August and go through until December the next year. While the Sleeping Beauties 12 Month Wall Calendars cover from January through December of the same year. All are just plain adorable!

Baby Blues Desk Calendar


12 month Calendar

Baby Blues Desk Calendar
This baby Blues Calendar, tells family life as it really is.
Most multi-kid families have this in common – Band-Aids are always in short supply; tooth-ache hits just when the bills are stacking up; and of course, according to kids silence is never a good thing.

Anne Geddes Calendars


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