Best family planners, date books and organizers 2020-2021

Family organizers are a necessity for the modern parent. How else can you keep track of soccer practice, play dates and visits to the Doctor?

Moms and dads, foster parents and ‘real’ ones – everyone who has to manage a family has their hands full dealing with day to day emergencies. To also manage a schedule, and not go crazy, a family planner is a must have organizing tool. I don’t know how my parents did without… I don’t think my mom does either (kidding – she is very organized). Anyhow, I’ve found you the best family planners around: for moms and dads.

I’ve found affordable family planners for you, available in a range of colors and styles to suit all budgets.

Mom’s Family Planners come in various colors and are illustrated with a variety of patterns: organize your everyday family life with this organizer, your essential tool for keeping your family sane while juggling sports, homework and groceries. With columns to record appointments and dates for each family member; pages for addresses, important information, and tear-out To Do lists; and inspiring quotes to put it all in perspective, Mom’s Family Calendar is just the mother’s little helper you need to keep track of every little thing. The hardcover binding lies flat for ease of use and features an elastic band page marker.

Let’s start with the luxury line from Momagenda (as shown also above). These are really some of the best mom agenda books (pun intended) on the market.

myAgenda Mini Planner

A 17 month family desk calendar for busy moms

Available in Scarlet, Blue, Violet, Gold, Graphite, Leopard and Python pattern.One of the more affordable MomAgenda products, this calendar book for your desk has all the advantages of the line – and includes 17 months’ worth of planning space: from August till December the following year.The unique ‘week-at-a-view’ has space for organizing the life of 6 people: mom, dad and 4 kids. Includes a monthly planner for your family as well.

Embossing is available in Gold, Silver or Clear, and with a choice of two fonts. Makes a great gift.

Size: 5″x7″x1″

momAgenda Desktop Calendar Book

Suitable for busy moms AND dads

As usual for MomAgenda products: the format allows for planning the lives of 6 people: two parents and four kids for instance. Aside from day planning, this desk calendar also includes monthly planners for quick overview of what’s coming up.Available in a great range of colors, the chocolate and scarlet versions are very suitable for dads too, I should think. The 17 month calendar runs from August until the end of December the next year.

Personalization is available in two fonts and three colors: gold, silver and clear.

Size: 7″x9″x1″

Family Organizers1913594_f260

I prefer organizers to agenda books, because it’s just so practical to be able to use what hasn’t changed and only refill what’s different. Why should I have to fill out things like addresses, telephone numbers, website notes and personal information every year?

These family organizers come with all you’d expect from an organizer for moms:

  • Weekly spread where you can jot down whatever you need for your schedule and that of your children.
  • High quality bonded leather binders that will keep looking good for years.
  • The leather covers have pockets for loose notes, grocery bills, business cards etc.
  • Monthly views first, followed by weekly planner pages
  • The setup is fit to include the schedule of up to four kids: each with their separate column.
  • Calendar runs from August ’09 through December ’10.
  • Extras include tabs, and a rule To Do lists, blank lined note pages, planning pages,

If the momagenda planners have one disadvantage, it’s that they’re not cheap. So to help all of you out there who don’t have too much to spend, I’ve found you datebooks for under $20,-, one even below $10,- at Amazon. 

More Awesome Family Planners

Moms and Dads who need help planning their life have come to the right place. I’ve found you cute and practical agenda books and organizers. Some with childlike pictures. Others looking more professional. 

Family life can be busy. Especially if you have several kids and both parents have jobs. Trying to juggle the schedules of everybody, soccer and ballet practice, groceries and birthday parties, doctor’s appointments and days off… it’s a LOT to plan.

That’s why, I guess, mom planners are so very popular. There are even a few made especially for dads. 

Family Planners can be like the spiffy personal assistant that slips easily into a purse or bag, such as the Mom’s Family Desk Planner that helps keep the whole family on track. It is a 17-month planner runs from August of the current year to December of the following year and features a comfortable, smartly designed week-at-a-glance grid on the right-hand page of each spread. They can also be found in a less portable style like ones that hang on the refrigerator with magnets or they may hang from the wall or be placed on a desk. They are really just awesome to help a family keep organized with all of the activities and appointments that an entire family will encounter during the year.

Moms Manager PlannerMom Planners will be the perfect planner for women who do it all! Small enough to be portable but with plenty of room to plan, these little dynamos are loaded with organizing features! Many are helpful in that they start in August each year and run through to the following August which is helpful because it will follow the school nicely. You will find options like: Mom’s Do It All, Mom’s Home Softcover Engagement, and a line called Mom’s Plan-It that are really very helpful. Many of them provide helpful stickers to call attention to important things like doctor appointments, birthdays and the like.

The Retro Mama Planner is full of retro illustration coupled with funny quotes about motherhood. This Planner takes a witty look at days gone by with a decidedly modern twist! Each year offers a 16 month weekly engagement planner running from September of the current year to December the following year and is perfect for Mom’s trying to organize their modern and very busy family!

Peter Pauper Press Planners also has an extensive range of cute mom planners. They’re 18 month family calendars with weekly pages from July of the current year up to and including December of the following year.

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