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Welcome to my Cartoon Calendars Holiday Gift Guide!

There’s nothing like a funny calendar to brighten up your day – day after day, week after week, month after month. I’ve found you funny day-to-day desk calendars, planners as well as monthly wall calendars.

Pictured here is the funny man himself, Dilbert, along with his work pals, in the Dilbert Wall Calendar.

Office humor that never loses it’s edge. The realism of it is sad, but then – the best humor shows us the absurdities of life as it is. As sometimes there’s nothing so absurd as spending your working life in a fabric-covered box surrounded by coworkers who are either work-averse, naively enthusiastic or occasionally prone to punching – sometimes all three!

Jeff Foxworthy You Might Be a Redneck If Wall Calendars


They have grease under their toenails and bumper stickers on their coffee tables. They use ranch dressing more than three times a day, and their belt buckles are bigger than their heads.

And the funny thing? They’re probably a neighbor, a relative, a coworker, or even a close buddy.

It will make spotting those around you who think that a lavatory is a breed of dog or that a perfect day involves NASCAR, nachos, and napping oh so easy even if the only book in your own house is a matchbook.


Nurses Wall Calendar

Dedicated to nurses – who make such a make a difference to the lives of others, whether making lifesaving decisions or simply making a patient’s bed more comfortable.
The Nurses Wall Calendar provides a lighthearted look at the Nursing profession, with vintage photographs and true tales, quotes, jokes, and more.

maxine-wall-calendarMaxine Calendars

Sharpen your sarcastic, razor-sharp wit and embrace your inner-grump! Maxine is the lean, mean griping machine who says all those things that we wish we could! With her canine sidekick, Floyd, she takes a stab at most everything, pausing only long enough to straighten her blue hair! This calendar collection will keep you snickering through the year.

Cranky since 1986, MAXINE has made cynicism fun and accessible! Maxine’s 2-year pocket-sized planners make light work of scheduling. No more and no less than exactly what you need to plan your life wherever you need.

Maxine never gives up, does she? Her “isms” will have you laughing out loud at each turn of the page!

There is also a Maxine Mini Wall Calendar that runs for 16 months, from September to December the next year. The link about will show you all of them at a glance.

With sayings such as “There’s nothing like a sequined glove to make a hand gesture really stand out”Maxine will keep you giggling throughout the year!

Argyle Sweater Calendarargyle-sweater-calendar

This daily calendar gives readers The Argyle Sweater in all its strange, hilarious glory.
Find out the difference between complex carbs and simple carbs (the former studies I, Claudius; the latter watches The Bachelor). You can also discover the particular shade of green of a jealous chameleon, as well as who never to invite for a night of Pictionary (hint: Jackson Pollock). Many other unusual, zany and funny happenings also abound as you roll on the floor laughing through the year.
There are three styles of calendars to choose from: a desk calendar, a wall calendar and a softcover engagement book.

More Funny Calendars

You can find calendars that reach just about any realm in the humor business. It might be a funny guy or gal who shares their wit, it might be hysterical photos with even more hysterical quips attached to them. It could be a funny cartoon character, just rest assured the “funny bone” will get tickled!

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