Kids Crafts Desk Calendars and Wall Calendars 2020-2021

What better way to stimulate your child’s imagination than by having a desk calendar devoted to arts and crafts? I’ve found you a nice selection of arts and crafts desk and wall calendars for kids crafts.

Daily Doodle Calendar & Coloring Calendars Kids or adults can doodle something new every day with this really unique calendar. It is full of playful prompts and open ended artwork. You find it perfect for kids, doodlers of all ages, the fiddlers of the world, procrastinators and artists of every kind.

Origami Page-A-Day 2014 Desk CalendarOrigami Page-A-Day Desk Calendar
With an imaginative origami model every day, this calendar celebrates the sheer fun of paper folding. The brightly colored and patterned pages are perfectly square to double as folding paper. There are hundreds of examples with instructions on how to make some pretty awesome paper creations. Some of specific for holidays like Valentine’s Day while others are just plain fun to make.

Easy Origami Fold-a-Day 2014 Desk CalendarEasy Origami Fold-a-Day Desk Calendar
Create hundreds of models including animals, flowers, birds, and Christmas ornaments. * New original origami models * Patterned paper * Illustrated folding instructions * Weekend paper craft ideas * Perfectly square paper every day! * Large 6″ x 6″ color pages! (origami size)

365 Tiny Paper Airplanes 2014 Page-A-Day Desk Calendar365 Tiny Paper Airplanes Page-A-Day Desk Calendar
Who knew a calendar could be so much fun? From the authors of the bestselling World Record Paper Airplane series, here is a year of zippy palm-size paper airplanes ready to fold and fly. Thirty models are represented, and vibrant graphics make each plane one of a kind. Folding instructions included.

My Calendar KitMy Calendar Kit
Put your favorite photos and best memories onto a 12-month, laser reproduced, 11″x 17″ wall calendar to enjoy all year long. Use the Art Pages included to make drawings or scrapbook layouts for each month of the year, or simply find favorite photos that we will size to fit. A postage paid envelope is provided to mail in materials for production, or you can make your entire calendar online using digital photos and our Internet drawing tools. Your finished calendar has a durable plastic spine and starts with any month you choose.

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