Owls Art Planners 2017

Who doesn’t love owls? These planners and organizers are each decorated on the cover with owl inspired art. They’re cute, they’re practical and will help you stay organized throughout what’s left of the year and the whole of the next. Perfect for you to use yourself or to give someone as a gift.

Owls Planner CoverThe popular The Owls Weekly Planner is cute, practical and fun. A yearly best seller! And for good reason. That look will work in any purse. Weekly calendars are the best mix, I think, between size (not too large) and convenience (enough space for notes).

Shown to the right is the Owls Compact Engagement Calendar cover. It is a 16 month Planner that runs from September to December of the upcoming year. Let this flock of funky feathered friends accompany you throughout the year! The bestselling Owls Compact date book design is embossed with gloss highlights. Smart weekly planner format provides space for notes and addresses.

Owl Hardcover Weekly Date Books

September -December

puffy owls plannerPurple Owls On A Tree Vinyl Organizer Weekly Engagement Calendar/Planner 2013-2014 is a Cute weekly organizer and is decorated on the cover with purple owl art (as you would expect), has a practical weekly overview and monthly pages as well. Included are owl stickers and a small note book.

Also available in a Puffy Owls Planner The Puffy Owls Vinyl Organizer Weekly Engagement Calendar/Planner 2013-2014 is cute besides being a functional and well organized planner for any girl to use.

cavalini-papers-vintage-owl-weekly-plannerPlanners, datebooks and Desk Calendars with the beloved owl

You can have owls in planners both pocket size and larger to take with you while you plan your day or you can choose a calendar for a wall in your home or office. There are also desk pads and desk calendars that feature the owl in both photographic images or in the form of art.

A reader says:

I really love owls – they are so elegant and mysterious!

Owls Are A Nocturnal Bird Of Prey

and are featured in calendars and planners

Our love and fascination with these birds of the night can be enhanced by seeing photographs used in owl calendars that might feature one or both of the two types of owls: typical owls and barn owls. Photographers can find these birds living just about everywhere around the globe except for Antarctica, parts of Greenland and a few very remote islands. There are around 200 different types of owls living on the planet to capture with the lens of a camera and then published in a calendar or planner for us to enjoy as we plan our days, weeks and months of the year.

There are also editions that do not have the photography images but instead are illustrated by artists who love to create images of owls in their art. They might be very realistic, stylized or whimsical in nature.

A reader says: 

I do love the look of owls. we were at the museum the other day, and i was just staring at one for the longest time. i love how they move their heads.

owl-plannerSee also the Owl Photography Wall Calendars.

Owls are among the most fascinating birds. They’re predators, but they look so beautiful. They’re heads can turn almost a full 360 degrees, making them seem all knowing. Their very precise eyesight and excellent hearing adds to this impression.

In fact, despite their wise reputation, they’re not that smart. If you want a smart bird, go for a raven or something. But if you want a good looking bird on your kitchen wall, owl calendars are just what you’re looking for. I’ve found you owl wall calendars and owl planners.

Cultural background of owls

In many parts of the world, owls have been associated with death and misfortune, likely due to their activity during the night and common eery screeching call. However, owls have also been associated with wisdom and wealth, frequently being companion animals for goddesses. In the Harry Potter novels, for instance, owls serve as a communication device: which is reminiscent of their function as bringers of wisdom and knowledge.

In Hindu Mythology, the barn owl is considered to be the vehicle of Lakshmi the Goddess of prosperity. For that reason it is considered good luck if an owl lives near a house. The Greek goddess Athena was often shown accompanied by an owl, and it has remained a common Western symbol of wisdom. This symbolism is evident in the frequent use of an owl in the logos of knowledge institutions such as universities and libraries.

No doubt due partly to their distinctive ‘face’ owls have a loyal following. If you’re reading this page, you’re likely one of them. I’ve found you several moving calendars.

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