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Funny Desk Calendars 2013

When you’re at the office you really do need a reminder of the fun that life can be. These hilarious desk calendars aren’t all aimed at making fun of office life. Many are just funny. I do hope there’s at least one you’ll like…

Shown above is the hilarious S is for Stupid Desk Calendar which features some hilarious cases of sheer stupidity.


Packed with attitude, the Daily Bitch Calendar contains a smart remark on every page.
Savor alone, or pass along to share-all in good fun, of course! No cute and perky aphorisms here. Even the crabbiest curmudgeon will enjoy these sassy declarations and witty sayings.

Signspotting Desk Calendar – 365 days of Crazy Signs




How about a tour of the “Elephant Dung Factory and Souvenir Shop”?
This is the ultimate collection of accidentally entertaining signs spotted around the world, including the Mayan Treasures Factory Outlet! Each day of Signspotting presents a color photograph of an ironic, suggestive, bizarre, mislabeled, misspelled, or otherwise amusing sign.
As US Today says, “Danger: These signs may cause excessive laughter.”

Duh! The Dumbest Things Ever Said or Done – Day-to-Day Calendarduh-calendar

Stupidity seems to be everywhere–government, prisons, schools, Hollywood, business–and, truth be told, most of us even have a questionable neighbor or two. Presenting a daily example of the dumbest things ever said or done, including classic statements lik Never kiss a rattlesnake!

Peanuts Desk Calendar
Let LINUS, CHARLIE BROWN, SNOOPY, LUCY, SALLY and the rest of the Peanuts gang help make planning the year easier with this charming new calendar. This daily calendar features a year’s worth of full-color PEANUTS comic strips.

Peanuts Mini Desk Calendar
Each page of this little calendar features a full-color PEANUTS character that is guaranteed to bring big smiles. The calendar’s backer has magnets and an easel so it can be displayed on a desk, counter, or fridge.

Awkward Family Photos – Pet Edition Desk Calendar
Based on the hit blog and books of the same name, this Awkward Family Photos calendar features shots of uncomfortable moments with the people we love the most. And new for this year, we have The Awkward family Photos – Pet Edition.

An Insult-A-Day Desk Calendar
An Insult A Day Desk Calendar contains pithy proclamations from politicians, or malicious and catty jokes from comedians, talk show hosts, and celebrities, as well as the best zingers from movies and television shows.

Nobody likes being insulted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it when other people are, does it?

Maxine Desk Calendar
Maxine, is probably the old lady we all aspire to be. She has been there, done that and nothing in life passes her by, without her griping on about it. Accompanied by her canine sidekick, Floyd, she only ever pauses and takes breath long enough to straighten her blue hair! This calendar will keep you giggling throughout the year.

Office Time Killers Desk Calendar
The Office Time Killers Desk Calendar is the essential aid to workers who are in danger of wasting those precious hours between 9 and 5 when they should—hunched over a desk, pretending to work. Pretend to be scribbling notes when you are in fact honing your doodling skills!

Murphy’s Law  Desk Calendar
For thirty years, the Murphy’s Law calendar has provided laws and principles on things that go wrong. It’s a perfect calendar for those who frequently lament, “Why me?” It may not improve your prospects, but at least it helps to explain the mishaps and mayhem in our lives with humor.

Medical Cartoon-A-Day Desk Calendar
Humorist and cartoonist Jonny Hawkins dispenses a daily pick me up of medical japes as his cleverly cartooned illustrations provide medical professionals and their patients with 365 day’s worth of mental-health breaks to tickle their funny bones and keep them in stitches.

S is for Stupid Desk Calendar
Stupid is the very best word to describe the hilariously outrageous stories, crazy newspaper headlines and bizarre and odd factoids included on the daily pages of this funny Desk Calendar.

The Calendar features excerpts from the book S Is for Stupid by Leland Gregory.

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