Susan Bourdet wall calendars 2020-2021

Bird enthusiasts will fall in love with the creations from Susan Bourdet. Her paintings of gorgeous “Songbirds” are simply delightful. Vertical Wall Calendars offer LANG quality within a narrower, space efficient format. Vertical Calendars are great for small spaces.

Her water colour artwork is consistently popular on calendars and in prints. I’ve gathered Susan Bourdet’s calendars, date books and planners in one article so you can easily find them. She has calendars devoted to cats, songbirds and hummingbirds out this year.

Cats in the Country Wall Calendar
Wild Wings artist Susan Bourdet’s Cats in the Country explores the curious nature of kittens and the proud confidence of cats. A full sized calendar grid on linen embossed paper.
A Cat’s Life Wall Calendar
Popular artist Susan Bourdet shares her love of cats and nature in this calendar. From peaceful to playful these feline friends are sure to delight.

For the gardener and cat lover alike, each month of these calendars features an adorable cat in a natural outdoor setting.

Hummingbirds Wall Calendar Hummingbirds by Susan Bourdet, Wild Wings Artist, is astonishing floral colors and rich bird feathers. A full sized calendar grid on linen embossed paper. Detailed renderings of hummingbirds are presented against luminous backgrounds. A beautiful calendar for bird watchers as well as nature lovers. This calendar is beautiful not just for the hummingbirds, however delightful those birds are. The flowers the birds feed on are painted very beautifully as well. In many cases most of the picture is taken up with the flower, the bird only there for that touch of life.

Susan Bourdet is famous for her calendars. Her wall calendars especially are favorites year after year. All her calendars are published by Lang Graphics to open to a generous size, embossed on linen paper with a brass grommet for reinforcement. They arrive in a handsome Lang Signature Gift Jacket. They are very practical, with plenty of room for making your schedule and jotting down reminders.

Nature’s Inspiration Wall Calendar
Popular artists Mary Anne Radmacher and Susan Bourdet come together to bring us the perfect combination of uplifting expressions and captivating moments in our natural world.

Songbirds 2012 Wall CalendarSongbirds Wall Calendar
This wall calendar features linen embossed paper stock and large grids for notes.

Songbirds, by Susan Bourdet, is an annual favorite among bird lovers around the world! Realistically portrayed wildlife birds in their natural setting will brighten any room year round.

By Lang Graphics

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