Best large planner organizer 2022-2023

Although many people are going digital with their planning, others are finding the limits to the digital revolution. For one thing, it is hard to get an overview on this small screens. For another, writing something down is still faster than turning on your phone and then thumbing in your appointments. Research also shows that when we write something down with a pen, it stimulates creativity as well as retention. In other words: what you write down by hand is more likely to stay in your memory. 

This means that, paradoxically, many busy people are going back to a paper-based weekly planner. And if you are busy, you will need more than a small pocket-size date-book. 

Whether you need a large organizer in your dentist-office, on the farm or in a restaurant – or simply to stay focused on your professional goals, I have found some of the larger planners on the market for you. Many of these include inspiration for goal-setting and help reviewing your life. All of them have enough room for taking notes while on the phone. 

It is hardly necessary to mention the Moleskine extra large planner line. It starts at 7.5 by 10 inch but includes the 19 x 25 inch taskmaster. This is the largest planner I could find with a whopping four pages for each week! However, if you want a large DAY planner, keep on reading. 


The Standard Diary Daily Reminder Planner by At-a-Glance is available in two super-sized editions: 7.68 x 12.13 and 8.19 x 13.44 inch.

It has one very large page per day, which makes it great for those who like to take notes on phone-conversations as well as in professional circumstances where a lot of planning goes on – like in a restaurant or hotel. 

The setup is simple: no frills, not even time-tables. Just a lot of space and lines to keep your notes and appointments organised. 


The Action Day Weekly Planner is a more classic weekly planner. It has the times of the day pre-printed, for those who usually have their office-hours filled with appointments. In addition each weekly two-page spread has room for notes, tasks, delegated projects etc. In addition there are pages devoted to tracking your weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This planner is a bit more structured than the At-a-glance version shown above. 

Available in sizes 8×11 and 6×8 inches. 


The undated NotePro Daily Planner is not my personal cup of tea: I prefer dated planners. However, it is available in a nice large size and it has pages that have common schedule times pre-printed as well as space for notes for each calendar day. 

Unique to this planner is the actions for the day feature as combined with a phone-log, to keep track of important phone calls – as well as planning them. 

Included is a storage pocket and tabs you can put in yourself (adhesive). 

Available in sizes: 7-1/4″x9-1/4″ and 11 x 8-1/2 inches. 


The Tools4Wisdom planners come with full goal planning and creativity tools built in. It helps you prioritize, keep track of your appointments of course as well as keep notes. In fact, this planner helps you keep weekly, monthly and yearly goals in view. 

The planner-line is so popular, there are 6 covers. They are each large, at 8 ½ x 11 inches, spiral-bound. It therefor lies flat automatically. 

It is available in weekly, daily (undated) and monthly

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