Best Daily Planner 2022-2023

Organize your day with a Planner. Are you searching for the best daily planner to use in your organizing of your busy lifestyle? Have you decided that you want all of the events for the coming days recorded in one place where you can access it easily and also keep track of the important things that are coming within the next several days? You have landed on a good page to help you with that quest.

On this page I have prioritized planners that give a whole page (or more!) to one day. If you want 7 days in one spread, you’re looking for a weekly planner.

daily-priorities-plannerWe will look at a few daily planners on the market today and I will give you some details of each so that you can decide which format fits your needs the best. Because our daily activities vary what might be the best fit for one will not be the best for another individual. That is why I want to show you more than one format. Follow along with me down this page and you are sure to find just the right planner for yourself or someone you want to give it to as a gift.

Shown above is the inside of the Tools4Wisdom daily planner. It comes in various styles.

daily-planner-hoursA Basic Day Planner by Brownline

This is a nice option for many people who want to keep their day organized. Appointments can be logged from 7:30 in the morning through 7:30 in the evening in 30 minute increments. There is also space at the bottom of each page for notes that you might want to record. It is a nice size to work with as it measures only 8 inches by 5 inches. Perfect for a purse, briefcase or to carry in your hand.

This really a DAY planner.

doolittle-week-plannerSimple Daily Planner for the academic year

13 Months July to July

This fun green planner has everything you need, and nothing more: it’s a daily planner that starts this summer and lasts throughout the academic year. House of Doolittle has daily planners in which the day is actually spread over two calendar pages, which gives you room to plan a LOT of meetings.

at-a-glance-daily-plannerGreat For To Do Lists: At-A-Glance Daily Planners

Maybe your days are not so much filled with actual appointments but rather tasks that you need to plan out and carry through with. This planner is perfect for you because it does not have the lines divided into times of the day. You can place whatever information you need to on each day. A diary of your thoughts, goals you have, menu planning or record the calories you took in each day if you are dieting.

daily-teacher-plannerA Teacher’s Planner – Undated and cheap

A nice daily planner for those in the teaching profession. Plan your teaching strategy for each day and week of the school year and have them to quickly glance at. There is also a place for a class roster included. This works particularly well for teachers who work with Kindergarten through the 6th grade of students.

daily-priorities-plannerWhen Goal Setting Is Your Priority – the Daily Priorities Planner by Tools4Wisdom

Certainly this day planner can be used for recording appointments and events but it is much more than that. This is a perfect planner for someone who wants to set goals whether it be for business growth, personal growth or a combination of both. It is designed for setting goals for the year, month, and week and then to plan those goals out in daily steps to reach the desired outcome during the year.

There is a monthly, a weekly and a daily version – the latter obviously has most space for making appointments though the whole tools4wisdom planner line is rather larger than average at 8 ½ x 11 inch. Also available as a weekly planner.


Undated Planner by Notepro

What I like about this daily planner is there is no restriction to the date format. So, you can start it at any date of the year that you so desire. I also like that the left page has appointment style formatting to allow for placing appointments but the left side is ruled lines that you can keep notes on. Have a meeting on the right? Jot things that need to be remembered on the left. Tasks you were assigned or any other notations that you want to record. A nice versatile choice that can fit many different situations.

If you need a real nice large daily planner, in a restaurant, studio or on the farm – any place where a LOT of planning goes on – this Hardcover Daily Diary by AT-A-GLANCE  may be just what you need. It is a whopping 7.68 by 12.13 Inch, which gives you plenty of room for any notes and all appointments (including corrections) that you could possibly need. The red moire vinyl cover looks good in any setting – almost as good as leather would. The diary is printed in red and black – for optimal reading pleasure and includes room for a monthly financial summary.

This planner might also work well in a research environment where keeping daily notes is a must. The planner has very large pages, but unlike others in this field, it doesn’t have the time-schedule put in yet. This means you can do this yourself – so that in a restaurant you would be able to use the whole page, instead of limiting yourself to the last lines.

What are your planning needs?

Perhaps we should look at what your expectations are in a planner. How will you use it? That will better define whether you want a monthly, weekly or daily planner to work with.
If you just want something that you can quickly glance at and and jot on to show the basics of the next month, you may only want a calendar or a monthly planner. Your needs are simple. You do not have a lot of appointments to keep track of but do want to remember the next doctor’s appointment, birthday, anniversary and other events.

Perhaps you typically have several appointments during any given week but not necessarily every day. A weekly planner will work well for you. You find that you don’t need an exceptional amount of detail recorded but do want to be able to plan out your week with the events that will take place that week.

The people who find daily planners the most helpful are ones who have several appointments in a day on a regular basis. It might be that you need to keep detailed records like miles traveled, expenses and meeting notes if you are in a profession that requires monitoring the details of the day or business trips. You might be a working parent that needs to keep track of your job related appointments along with the appointments of the family.

Your task is to look at how you plan to use the planner and choose the format that is going to work the best in your situation.

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