2020-2021 Cute Baby animals and wildlife planners

Wildlife makes us feel good. Babies make us feel good. Cute baby wildlife animals make us feel extra great… So why not get yourself a date book illustrated with baby wildlife animals? I’ve found you a selection of current baby wildlife calendars below.

Cute Baby Wildlife Animal PlannerBaby Animals Small Engagement datebook

Everyone loves baby animals and the twelve adorable images featured in the deluxe pocket engagement calendar don’t disappoint. Track your appointments and share the ‘ahhhh how cute’ moments with friends as you move through the whole year. Six language calendar grid has lots of space of for keeping track of appointments and the plasticized cover keeps your important dates safe from most spills.

Baby Wildlife Pocket Planner
Cute and cuddly baby wild animals will brighten your day. This smaller size calendar features not-yet-ferocious animals in a convenient size for motor home, purse or car.

Baby Animals WWF Softcover Planner
This handy spiral-bound appointment calendar for the upcoming year presents animal babies of all shapes and sizes. Each page covers one week.

Additional pages provide international telephone dialing codes, cities of the world time differences, tables of weights and measures, and space for personal information and notes. A donation of $90,000 is made to World Wildlife Fund from the sale of the WWF calendars.

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Other calendar-types, with baby animal wildlife, are available for you to view as well.

For previous years I’ve found several beautiful planners for you with baby animal photographs. All of them feature pictures of animals or wildlife. It has a year full of cute and cuddly baby wildlife photographs, including wolves, foxes, bear, deer, bobcat, and more. This monthly pocket planner by te Neues Publishing is 5 inches by 3.5 inches closed and is altogether lovely.

You’ll find farm animals, pets and wildlife photography. Some of these are cuter than cute, others merely very beautiful. You’ll find pink and pretty as well as elegant. One calendar combines Bible verses with nature photography. These calendars and planners have the cutest baby animal pictures, sometimes with their parents. Inspiring, beautiful and simply a great addition to your home. 

Chicks, ducklings, piglets, calves, foals, puppies and kittens – all made irresistably perfect in baby form. An absolutely adorable baby animal calendar.

Cute and cuddly baby wild animals will brighten your day.

baby_animals_planners_2013The sight of baby animals has something so sweet and cute, who would NOT love them on their kitchen wall? I mean, in the shape of a calendar?

I’ve found you kitten calendars, baby duck calendars, planners featuring baby animals etc. Whether they have pictures of baby pandas, penguins, small leopards, or simply puppies… I’m sure you’ll adore them. I know puppies and kittens are universal favorites, however, my personal choice is the baby penguin. Isn’t it cute, just walking there?

Puppy Love Academic Notebook Planner9454062_f520

This Academic Planner inserts easily into a standard size 3-ring binder. The Planner will help you keep track of homework, tests, papers, sports stuff and all the other important day to day stuff of Student Life.

Each month is spread over two pages and there’s also a column for notes.

Kitten Cuddles Academic Planner9456290_f520

This soft bound Kittens Academic Notebook Planner begins July and runs through June the following year to cover the whole of the academic year. The Planner is compact enough to be carried in a purse, school bag, backpack or book bag. Keeping track of all your school work and all the other important dates and responsibilities of your busy academic and social life.

Each two page spread has a spacious monthly calendar grid, for appointments and deadlines, plus an additional column for notes and extra planning pages.

Baby Wildlife Wall Calendar71f5vm4f1lL._SL1001_

This high quality wall calendar features baby animals in their natural environments. International award winning photographer Bela Baliko has succeeded in capturing these animals in many activities.

Each month’s image includes an interesting paragraph of well-researched factual information.

Baby Animals WWF Deluxe Wall Calendar


World Wildlife Fund applauds the darlings of the animal kingdom in this endearing, amusing .calendar.

This Calendar features animal babies in the wild, from downy penguin chicks and affectionate elephant calves to playful polar bear cubs. 

Babies are beautiful and baby animals are especially dear to us all. Twelve cute and cuddly images make up the Baby Animals wall calendar.

Youll want to cuddle up to the tiny zebra and wrap the baby penguin in a warm fuzzy blanket.

Cute Overload Desk and Wall Calendar


So cute it’s redonkulous. This bestselling calendar is adapted from the Number One Blog: “#1 Mood Lifter” from Time magazine.

Cute Overload proves that there’s nothing so cute than a sweet, oh so cute animal face to bring happiness and smiles.

So you think you really can resist this utter onslaught of cute? Do NOT even go there!!

Cute Overload takes soft and warm and fuzzy to animal-magna extremes.

Unlikely Friends – animal friendships to the test Wall Calendar8176h3ERFYL

Puppies & Friends Wall Calendar

This calendar is different: it is totally unlike any other Rabbit calendar! This Calendar features on each monthly spread a bunny paired with another adorable baby animal

The simple white background emphasizes the natural, inherent beauty and charm of these animal friends. 

Cuteness alert! Who says opposites don’t attract?

Here is proof that love is indeed blind! Spend the year with this captivating mix of animal friends who show that anything is possible.

Barn Buddies Wall Calendar9454236_f520

Horses are highly social animals and, as a result, they will enjoy the companionship of just about any friendly animal that shares the space with them.

In this Cute Baby Animal Calendar, you will find 12 playful, full-color photographs that celebrate the universal joys of friendship.

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