Owls Wall Calendars

barn-owl-calendarOwls are among the most (to us) expressive birds around. Their faces remind us of our own, which no doubt explains their popularity. These are the Calendars featuring Owls. Each is special in their own way, just like each owl is special.

Shown above is magical owl calendar by Jeannine Chappell.

simply-owl-calendarPlanning Your Schedule With Owls As A Guide

My guess would be that you have a real fondness for this bird of prey and are looking for an owl calendar that will assist you in keeping track of your appointments and personal activities for the coming year. Owls have been either revered or looked at with disdain with the cultures of man for centuries. The Hindu see the owl as a sign of good luck while other people associate this bird of the night as one who is very wise. Institutions for knowledge like universities and libraries have often used the owl as a part of their logo over the years. Some see the owl has a harbinger of death or as a bad omen. It is sometimes seen as a symbol of the dark arts and magic by some societies.

The owl has gained some resurgence in popularity from the fans of the popular Harry Potter novels and movies. The series of fantasy books Guardians of Ga’Hoole also brought a renewed interest in these extremely interesting birds.

Obviously, since you are here you are looking for owls that are featured in calendars so let me show you some options that are currently available.

Owl wall calendars

Slimline calendars make a practical yet beautiful addition to any small space. Whether it’s your bathroom or an often used closet. These lovely, peculiar birds of prey are nocturnal and rather shy. Spotting their soft, round faces is a rare treat indeed. But here they are, perched on trees or flying through the night sky in this very enchanting Owl calendar. Measuring 6″ x 16.5″, the slimline calendar format has a columnar shape that fits well in any room or kitchen. Each date has enough room for one line of notes and appointments.

National Geographic Owls Wall Calendar
Well known for their beautiful photography, this owl calendar will grace any kitchen or living room wall.

Also shown above, this beautiful magical owl calendar shows Owls in their magical environment. The front image is reminiscent of Harry Potter, but that’s not true for the rest of the photographs. However, they are rightly called magical.

North American Owls Calendar Owls just have an alluring effect on us humans. Enjoy twelve incredible photographs of the types of owls who make their homes on the North American continent. A 16 month calendar starting with September and ending with December the next year.

Barn Owls by Artist Jeannine Chappell in a wonderful wall calendar. Jeannine Chappell is well known for her beautiful renditions of nature. To call them folk art doesn’t do them justice. Silent in flight, with a telltale screech serving as a “hoot,” the barn owl (Tyto alba) has a heart-shaped face that may have helped endear it to present-day humans. Berkeley, California– close to where the creator of these images lives– recently named the barn owl the official bird of the city.

16 month owl calendar starting September all the way up to December of the next year. If you buy a calendar halfway through the year, off to college perhaps, a 16 month calendar is a good buy: it will last you till December the year after.

Owls Deluxe Wall Calendar
The Owls Deluxe Wall Calendar by Firefly Books features owl photographs by world renowned nature photographers focusing on the life of these birds: their nests, in flight and sitting on a tree.

owl-desk-calendarOwls: From the smallest to the largest

Sometimes we can learn more about these birds in the calendars with owls. For instance did you know that the smallest species of owl is called the Elf Owl? Found in the Southwestern area of the US and Mexico this diminutive little owl is only 5 inches tall and weighs about 1 oz.

The tallest owl found in the world is the Great Grey Owl who lives in the Northern Hemisphere. It can grow to 33 inches tall with an average of about 27 inches. This species might be the tallest but it is not the heaviest. There are two species of owls that are about 1 inch shorter but weigh about 10 pounds and have a wingspan that can reach to about 6 1/2 feet. Now that is a huge owl! The Eurasian Eagle Owl and the Blakiston’s Fish Owl can be that large. They are found in areas of Eurasia like Japan and Russia.

See, having a calendar or planner can make you wise like an owl!

Each year different publishers give us Owl Wall Calendars to both enjoy and use throughout the year.

Throughout history owls have been both feared and revered. No matter which publisher we choose to use there are images of owls of all kinds that have been chosen to give us a glimpse into the life cycle of this powerful, mysterious raptor.

The alluring and mysterious appeal of owls is universal. Magnificent full-color photographs of owls from all over the world grace these vivid and striking wall calendars. All will span at least the 12 month calendar year with many offering a 4 month at a glance bonus page.

It is a rare and enlightening experience to sight an owl. Nocturnal birds of prey, owls are blessed with the best hearing of all birds. This gift enables them to dwell in dense forested areas, as does their exceptional vision. How fortunate we are that there are photographs out there to capture these raptors with their cameras and share them with us in calendar form. 

Often Associated With Magic


Magic Owls Calendar is published each year in a 16-month calendar format featuring a dozen color photographs of various species of owls. The subject of myth and superstition, the owl is instantly distinguished by its disconcerting stare and haunting cry. It is a mysterious and fearsome predator, a flawless hunter in the darkest of night. In these calendars each year, world-renowned photographers have captured every aspect of this splendid bird in candid and remarkable images. Descriptive captions further reveal the mysterious and magical lives of owls.

Barn Owl Calendars (unavailable right now)

Silent in flight, with a telltale screech serving as a “hoot,” the barn owl (Tyto alba) has a heart-shaped face that may have helped endear it to present-day humans. Berkeley, California– close to where the artist Jeannine Chappell resides and does extraordinary images these birds — recently named the barn owl the official bird of the city.

Distinguished by its heart-shaped face, and with a telltale screech serving as its hoot, the barn owl is one of the most widely distributed of all birds. Jeannine Chappells graceful portraits of these beautiful birds have been featured in calendar form in year’s past. There does not seem to be one for the upcoming year, however. You can still see her prints in other forms.

See also the Owl Art Planners and Date Books.

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