Goddesses Calendars 2020-2021

With the rise of female spirituality, the Goddess has come back into the limelight. And what better way to connect to that female strength than by having a Goddess Calendar in your home? Alright, slightly kidding. Still – I’ve found you some beautiful and inspiring calendars devoted to Goddesses – hope you are inspired too.

Let’s start with Mystic Sisters, shown above and to the side, with art by  Emily Balivet. Her women are mostly pensive, but you’ll see images of sisterhood as well as one woman with horses. There’s an art nouveau feel to her paintings, mostly in the lines, combined with a modern vibrant use of colour.

Susan Seddon Boulet Goddesses Wall Calendar
In ancient times goddesses were denizens of the inner world, lending balance and richness to human lives. The goddesses in this calendar appear as if from a time of dreaming, brought closer to the “real” world in rich, uniquely sensitive paintings. Mythical in its subject matter, evocative in its imagery, the art of Susan Seddon Boulet never leaves us untouched, putting us in communication with the goddesses deep within every one of us.

Zodiac Goddesses does it again: they’ve created a cute planner as well as a stylish wall calendar for that combines spirituality with the practical needs of your day to day life.  And of course there are astrological profiles for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, aimed at women.

The Blissful Company Wall Calendar features Hindu Art: mostly goddesses and gods paired up, though some months there will only be a God, will on others there is only one Goddess.

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy Wall CalendarBoris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s Fantasy Wall Calendar
Husband-and-wife team Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell introduce thirteen all-new paintings filled with foreboding, wonder, otherworldly creatures, and powerful women confronting dark and dangerous forces.

Sacred Images of Tibet Wall CalendarSacred Images of Tibet Wall Calendar
Classic images of authentic Tibetan thangka paintings open a sacred doorway into the world of Tibetan Buddhism. The strikingly displayed meditative images of buddhas, goddesses and tantric figures are paired with illuminating text revealing the meaning and symbolism of the image. The paintings are all created by master thangka artists living in Kathmandu, Nepal. These images have been used for centuries to awaken and expand consciousness. Your purchase of this calendar helps to support the Tibetan Lama Fund and the Development of Children and Women Center in Kathmandu.

strongZodiac Goddesses Wall CalendarZodiac Goddesses Wall Calendar

Explore the goddess in yourself with this modern, sassy, and fun calendar featuring detailed insights for each astrological sign. Published by Brush Dance

Also available are a Zodiac Goddesses Desk Calendar and Zodiac Goddesses Date Book.

Goddess Calendars

Available at a discount while supplies last

Llewellyn's Woodland Faeries Wall CalendarLlewellyn’s Woodland Faeries Wall Calendar
Vividly illustrated by renowned fantasy artist Linda Ravenscroft, this gorgeous faerie-themed calendar captures the whimsy and grace of nature spirits in their secret realm. Each month, you’ll be enchanted and inspired by alluring nymphs, dancing pixies, and joyful sprites thriving in nature’s beauty.

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