Fun retro women’s planners 2017

Fun Retro Womens Planners

When I saw this planner (above) I just thought: wow, that’s just the thing. It’s fun, it’s strong and yet it features fifties retro images of house wives (saying pithy things though).

You are also likely to love the new Anne Taintor Engagement Calendar

This weekly planner is both saucier than anything you’ve seen before (What’s a nice girl like me doing without a drink in her hand?) and more retro: all that soft colored 50s goodness. This planner is, honestly, a bit too much for this teetotaler, but it may be just the thing for you.

This next planner captures the ideals women still have to face, and the bitchy character we need to develop (a bit) to bend things around to a more modern life style. In short: this planner takes the dilemmas we all have to face, and turns them around. Can we be strong women without being bitchy? Or should we just embrace the bitch in us – acceptance may just take the sting out…

The B Word Softcover PlannerĀ 

The B Word weekly engagement planner is fully of barbed and witty sayings from some “ladies” you just have to love. If you like bold, sassy and a little bit of bitchy then these Planners will suit you very well. But watch out – planning your year in the company of these ladies may just rub off on you. But as long as you appreciate their sense of humor you will be fine!

Oh, and like all good planners it covers 16 months, starting in September and gives you planning space till December the following year.

More G-Rated, but no less witty for that, are the Retro Mama Planners, that have amusing quotes about family life and motherhood set against a retro backdrop, but with a modern day twist.

Retro Mama Softcover
WEEKLY Engagement Calendar

16 month Weekly Planner running from September to December the following year.

More fun planners.

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