Alice in Wonderland Planner 2017

One of the most popular fantasy stories of all time is actually rather old: Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland in 1865. These days though, it’s so popular that there are several movies made of it to choose from. One of the most recent (2010) features Johny Depp, possibly my most favorite actor.

No wonder then that there are calendars featuring Alice and the crew from beyond the rabbit hole available.
Most of the planners currently available are undated.


Undated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Planner – with illustrations by John Tenniel based on the First Edition

Like all undated planners, you will have to fill in the dates yourself. That has the advantage that you can start any time you want, and the disadvantage that you have to keep track of dates (is the 23rd of june a monday?) yourself as well. However, in return you get the lovely original Alice illustrations.

While this planner contains yearly and monthly overview pages, it is basically a WEEKLY planner.

alice-in-wonderland-planner4Perpetual Yearly Monthly Day Planner Journal Scheduler Datebook Organizer Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Diary Vol.15-Red wine (Hard Cover 4.45 x 6.18 x 0.78 inches)

This date book is, like the others on this page, designed based on the original John Tenniel illustrations. The main difference with the previous one is the cover. Instead of a simple red cover, it has an Alice in Wonderland drawing.

In terms of planner system, this is a DAILY planner, though it also has yearly and monthly overview pages.

The illustrations on Amazon are aimed at a Chinese audience. However, the planner itself is in English.

alice-in-wonderland-planner2Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Stitch Weekly Planner (L)

Another lovely undated Alice in Wonderland planner. This one is a bit simpler in setup: you get a blank undated planner with simple lined weekly design. However, the look is still classy, with a classic sown binder.

Alice in Wonderland Softcover Planner
Beautifully printed on uncoated stock, the classic interpretations of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland are perfectly complemented with elegant, and entertaining designs by Mary Blair. This is an official Disney Planner.What did you think of the 2010 Alice movie? The plot is a mixture of both the Alice books – and a few twists original to the movie. I think this improves the plot, personally. Do you?

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