Fantasy Dragon calendars and planner by Ciruelo Cabral

Dragons are among the most scary fantasy creatures featuring in fantasy art calendars these days. Dragons generally have wings, but otherwise look more like reptiles or snakes. In some ways they look like dinosaurs, excepting that no actual creature, extinct or not, has been known to breath fire as dragons are said to do.

The fantasy art calendars I’ve found for you all feature dragons painted to combine their size and beauty.

Featured above is the Ciruelo Wall Calendar, also to the right.

This is a 12 month calendar and features a different Fantasy art Dragon painted by Ciruelo on each page.

Dragons by Ciruelo Wall Calendar
16 Month Calendar, runs from September -December.

Dragons by Ciruelo Wall Calendar

16 Month Calendar, starts in September and runs through until December .

More Dragon Calendars

Dragonology  Wall Calendar

Based on the incredible Dragonology series of books, this calendar offers budding dragonologists an entertaining and informative look at these mighty creatures. Each month highlights a different dragon, taking an in-depth look at its habitat, forms of attack, and other rare dragonological facts.

Dragons by Ciruelo  Desk Calendar

Dragon Wall Calendar
Another breathtaking showcase of dragons from internationally acclaimed illustrator Anne Stokes! Once again, she brings these mythological beasts to life in all their glory: as fierce warriors, noble protectors, and sacred creatures.

Dragons are winged creatures who breath fire. The European tradition depicts them as animalistic, winged and protective of gold. In the Chinese tradition they are smarter than humans and wise and do NOT have wings.

In current English language fantasy the two traditions are often mixed. You’ll find smart and wise dragons who can fly, but also alongside dragons who are fierce, yet easy to fool. 

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