Anne Geddes baby calendar planner 2020-2021

Anne Geddes’s photographs are so famous they are immediately recognized by millions of people. The combinations of objects and babies capture the wonder, innocence, beauty, and sweet joy of her tiny subjects. Don’t you wish babies were always this quiet? Somehow Anne Geddes shows us their vulnerability in a way that’s absolutely sweet. In her Flower Collection calendar theme, infants are paired with the natural delicacy of flowers.

Anne Geddes Baby Planner Calendar

anne geddes babby planner calendarAnne Geddes Planner With Babies

This weekly engagement calendar features a unique selection of baby Photos by Anne Geddes. It offers both a weekly and monthly spread for your planning needs.

It appears that there is only one planner datebook this year by Anne Geddes which is a slight disappointment because in previous years there were a couple of different options when it came to the date book style of calendar. This year’s edition is quite adorable with new pictures from the world renowned artist with a camera. I don’t know about you but I am glad that! Anne has returned to her studio to take even more adorable baby pictures

Cute Baby Calendars are sure to delight just about anyone who loves pictures of sweet adorable babies. Award-winning author and photographer Anne Geddes is beloved the world over for her iconic images of babies. Capturing the beauty, purity, vulnerability, and preciousness of babies and children, her photographs embody her deeply held belief that every child must be protected, nurtured and cherished.

The Anne Geddes calendars feature a diverse range of beautiful new baby images from Anne’s latest gift books along with some from older books.

What is unique about Anne Geddes work is the way she poses newborns in fun, cute and touching settings. Dressed up or nude, in flowers, pots and pumpkins, as bees, in cabbages and trees. It’s amazing how she can make them look peaceful or happy – while evidently having done her very best to create a stunningly artificial environment for them – all the while making it look natural.

Looking through her work I’m struck with the fact that she doesn’t limit herself to Caucasian babies – some of her most beautiful photographs are of brown-skinned infants (with or without their parents). Beautiful pictures full of contrast and vulnerability.

There are also editions that are engagement planners and ones that are mini versions that hang on a wall.

Weekly Family planner by Anne Geddes

Unfortunately this year there is no Anne Geddes special family date book that allows you to write down, for each family member in their own space, what they’re going to be doing.

Family planners are great for play dates and other activities that aren’t planned in advance. But what if your family is actually mostly busy with planned things like football practice or drama classes? In that case what you need isn’t room during the week, but merely space to write down the schedule. That’s what this planner does. It has a LOT of room for all kinds of notes: contacts of your kids, contacts of the family, there’s a babysitter page, room for scheduling etc. And as a result the weekly pages can be much smaller (which makes for a more handy smaller planner) – those will merely be used for the stuff that happens only o

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