Pop Art Planners 2020-2021

Most of the calendars I feature on my blog are meant, implicitly or explicitly, for women. These aren’t. Whether it’s Andy Warhol’s date book devoted to cars, or the colorful images from Charley Harper and James Rizzi – I don’t think many men will be ashamed to walk around with most of these pop art planners.

Shown above is the cover of the Pop Art PlannerThe Art of Andy Warhol Softcover Planner. One of the pages is featured to the right.

Pop artist Andy Warhol is a source of continuing fascination and visual excitement. While he first worked as an illustrator, he grew most famous for appropriating images from popular culture and incorporating them into his paintings and silkscreen prints. Abrams’ Warhol datebook features more than fifty full-color images from the 1950s through the 1980s. It highlights the artist’s most fabulous and recognizable works of art along with a rich and rare selection of drawings, photographs, illustrations, and quotations.

Andy Warhol Planner 2013

James Rizzi Small Engagement Calendar
Do you love the colorful and cheerful images of James Rizzi? Then this Pop Art Planner, which features 12 of Rizzi’s images was made just for you!

This Planner has a plastic cover, six language calendar grid and plenty of space for your important notes and appointments. The small size makes it easy to take with you everywhere you go.

Charley Harper Softcover Planner
Whether his subject was birds, bears, or bugs, American artist Charley Harper (1922–2007) made paintings filled with color, motion, and fun. This calendar includes thirty-two creative Harper images—from cat to cardinal or meadowlark to manatee—that perfectly capture his subjects’ personalities.

Also By Charley Harper – because I love his work!

Charley Harper Wall calendar
This Wall Calendar features 12 paintings from wildlife artist Charley Harper.

His distinctive use of simple geometric shapes, patterns, and vivid colors,drills down to the very each parrot, pelican, porcupine, or puffin to leave us with most important details.

Charley Harper CalendarCharley Harper Mini Wall Calendar
Charley Harper’s work has been treasured by art and animal enthusiasts alike for more than 60 years. It did not matter whether his subject was birds, bears, blossoms, or the wonderful world of bugs, Harper’s paintings are filled with fun, motion and color.The 12 exuberant images in this calendar are sure to brighten each month of the year.

Frank Lloyd Wright Engagement CalendarFrank Lloyd Wright Planner
Shadows were the brushwork of the ancient architect. Let the modern now work with light. Many of the towers and textile-block facades designed by Frank Lloyd Wright sport handsome shadows, but his work in glass and other translucent materials neatly fits his modernist dictum. “What the people of our country need most,” said Frank Lloyd Wright, “is beauty of environment.” He spent his life filling that need. In an age of breakneck industrialization, Wright drew on technological innovations to create works in glass, metal, and other media that transcended strict functionality.

Sometimes clearly representational, often purely geometric, these designs dance between figuration and abstraction. This Calendar has 57 weekly grids and 13 monthly grids. There’s a soft cover with flaps and it is wire bound so it will lay flat.

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