Cute Baby Farm Animals Wall Calendar 2017

The Best Baby Farm Animals Calendars

Back to the farm! Isn’t that what many of us want deep down? Uncomplicated hard physical labor, with cats and dogs running around eating the mice and herding the sheep… And all those cute little ones… Chicks and piglets, ducklings and lambs, kittens and puppies, calves and foals… Adorable animal babies wrapped in skin, tufts, baby fur, soft hair and downy feathers. 

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me that will probably always remain more day dream than reality. These calendars however bring the best sides of that dream a bit closer: without the mud and the muscle aches.

Baby Goats Calendars


Goats have character, don’t you think? Like donkeys you can never count on them to do what you want them to do. Baby goats aren’t as annoying at it as their adult counterparts, probably because we are suckers for their large eyes and downy fur. 

These are very cute calendars. The pictures are what you’d expect to see on a farm: a baby pig jumping, yellow ducklings growing up and a pony trying to stand on new legs. Isn’t that duck cute? Slimline calendars work great in small spaces like the bathroom. It’s a wire-o bound calendar that hangs easily on any wall, measuring 6″ x 16.5″. The slimline calendar format has a columnar shape and features line-by-line date presentation. Baby Animals Slimline Wall Calendar There is nothing more dear than babies of all species farm animals. Enchant your year with the hopeful looks of these baby animals including pigs, kittens, donkeys, foals, and bunnies for instance. By Browntrout publishers.

What farm animals are there?

I was not able to find calendars on each of these, let alone their little ones, but I’ll keep trying

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