High School and Middle School planners 2020-2021

In High School a student should be ready to plan their homework and activities themselves. Parents still need to keep an eye on them of course, but Students aged 12 and up are ready to take more responsibility for their lives. This should include the use of a planner to organize homework and keep track of dances, dates, tests and exams.

Student Planner, Grades 4 – 8: Second Edition (Notebook Reference)
This Student Planner is sturdy and is organized with enough space for notes and appointments.

In addition to recording their class schedule, Students can keep track of everything, including daily assignments, homework notes, activities and events, emergency information and important birthdays and phone numbers.

Also included are study success tips and a section of reference lists that will help them quickly access important information, such as U.S. Presidents and States, world time zones, the periodic table of elements and more! The pages are 3-hole punched allows students to carry this book in a 3-ring binder for quick reference at school, at home, or on the go.

This planner is undated. I usually don’t recommend this, as one of the advantages of a planner is precisely that it HELPS with the dates. However, this does mean that it works every year and is never outdated.¬†

Student Planner School Year Planner High School / Middle School Content- 5.5×8
I’ve also found this Student Planner, which features weekly and monthly planning pages as well as academic information on the most important subjects you’ll be studying in school.

This Planner measures 5.5″ x 8″ and has a horizontal layout. There’s 144 full color pages, and the Calendar year runs from July through¬†July.

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