Hummingbird Calendars and Planners 2017

susan-bourdet-hummingbirdsCute and pretty birds calendars: Hummingbirds!

I don’t know what it is, but some of the most beautiful nature calendars I’ve seen this year are devoted to Hummingbirds. Whether only the best photographers are able to catch these flighty feathery friends, or that they live in the most beautiful areas on earth, the result is invariably stunning.

Humbingbirds are some of the smallest birds known to biologists, they are only 3 to 5 inches in wingspan. Of all birds, the smallest known belongs to the species, it’s the Bee Hummingbird. Because they’re so small, their method of staying in the air is more like that of insects than of other birds: they simply flap their wings so fast that they stay up. The wings go so fast that they hum, again like insects and bees. Because of their unique method of flight, they’re the only type of bird able to go backwards in the air.

9454779_f260Hummingbird Pocket Planner

I think in this internet age, a pocket planner may just be the right size agenda book for many people. And you certainly can’t go wrong with one that has a hummingbird on the cover. They’re just so beautiful!

hummingbird-mom-plannerHummingbird Mom’s Weekly Planner

18-Month Calendar, Family Calendar, Diary

Mysterious, fast and brightly colored, hummingbirds are a favorite of everyone. Enjoy twelve months of lovely, close-up photos of these spectacular small birds in this calendar. The small-format of this calendar makes it convenient to take-along in a purse or briefcase.

Each year starts in July the previous year and lasts all through the year it’s named for. 

This is a real engagement planner for the whole family: monthly and weekly planning pages, including loads of space for notes. And what makes this a ‘mom’s planner’ is that there are columns for 4 family members in addition to ‘mom’ herself. In addition each day is divided into the simply morning, afternoon and evening rows – so you can keep track of what each family member is supposed to be doing at each part of the day. 

susan-bourdet-hummingbirdsSusan Bourdet Hummingbirds Calendar

Kolibri Artwork by Susan Bourdet. Detailed paintings of hummingbirds are presented against luminous backgrounds. A beautiful calendar for bird watchers as well as nature lovers. Known as a wild wings artist, her art is fully of floral colors and rich bird feathers. This is a full sized calendar grid on linen embossed paper.

Printed on luxury linen paper with a brass grommet for reinforcement, Lang’s Wall Calendars open to a generous size to give you plenty of room for taking down appointments.

Published by Lang Graphics

Readers say:

My parents have humming birds that come back every year. They all have names. Sometimes they even bring a new family member or two.

We’ve always had a hummingbird feeder just outside the kitchen window. I never tire of watching them and have taken lots of pictures of them, too.

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures (as if all creatures aren’t). They are beautiful and fragile in appearance, yet can be some of the most aggressive and territorial birds I’ve witnessed.

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