Nature Wildlife photography wall calendars 2020-2021

I love nature photography, especially when these images of the wild are done in full color and contrast. The following wildlife wall calendars are a mixed set: some merely sharing beautiful photographs, others including uplifting quotes as well. See also the calendars devoted to the US national parks.

Who doesn’t love to look at the scenery and natural beauty of wildlife in it’s natural habitat? That’s what Wildlife Calendars give you. I’ve found you a few of the most beautiful.

national geographic calendarNational Geographic Calendar

I go through a yearly ritual sometime in October, early November: picking out a wall calendar for my kitchen. It has to be inspiring, beautiful and of course it has to help me keep track of the date. As a home-business owner I don’t have many outside signals as to the date. It’s easy to lose track of the day of the week. My wall calendar helps me with that.

This year I picked the ‘Beautiful World’ calendar by National Geographic. I love looking at images of nature and these are, like you’d expect from National Geographic, stunning. National Geographic is known for photographs taken worldwide and their calendars showcase the best and most amazing.

On the cover is a peacock in full swing. Blue and green and luminescent. But there are also images of flora: a leaf white with frost, flowers in various shades, a lake reflecting the sky, a pond with lotus leaves (without the flowers), fall colors and a beautiful butterfly.

Research tells us looking at nature is relaxing. What’s more: people who have natural shapes to look at are significantly happier and less aggressive than people who don’t. For now I still live in an apartment looking out on a highway, so I can use the reminder of a more natural landscape.

teNeues is a German publisher of calendars, known for their art calendars, excellent printing standards and beautiful execution. They also print photography books. It makes sense that National Geographic partnered with them to create their beautiful calendar series. If you check them out below you’ll be hard pressed to pick your favorite.

Perhaps it should be called folk art, but if it is, it’s still very pretty… Bev Doolittle’s paintings are famed for their details. This Bev Doolittle Wall Calendar features some of her best known works.
For this cute calendar wild animals like chimpanzees and tigers team up together and with pets like cats and dogs. The result is heart worming: check out the Unlikely Friendships Wall Calendar.
Who better to create a fabulous calendar featuring Wildlife than the World Wildlife Fund? These Wild Cats (Lions, Tigers, Leopards etc.) are strong yet beautiful. Remind yourself of your wild side with the Wild Cats WWF Wall Calendar.

Ireland Wall CalendarIreland Wall Calendars

Ireland Wall Calendar 

The Emerald Isle welcomes you to visit some of its most notable sites in this charming calendar for the year. Ancient tombs, historic castles, venerable abbeys, sweeping coastlines, and bustling cities-all are part of the marvelous tapestry that is Ireland.

Planet Earth Mini Wall Calendar 
Planet Earth, one of the most breathtaking nature documentaries ever made, comes alive in small spaces with this miniature wall calendar. Experience the plants and animals with which we share our world in incredibly detailed high-definition photography from this great show.

Wild & Scenic Hawaii Deluxe Wall Calendar 
Admire the skills of an expert surfer, or try it yourself. Hike a trail past elegant lava flows, or drive a thrilling mountain road. Relax on a marvelous beach, or beneath a gorgeous waterfall. Bathe in the inviting, aqua blue ocean, or marvel at tropical flowers that bloom in every season.

Rainforest Partnership Wall Calendar 
Rainforest Partnership is an international nonprofit organization committed to protecting tropical rainforests. We partner with people who live in and around tropical rainforests to develop environmentally sustainable economies to protect and regenerate their forests.

Not only will buying this calendar help support the cause of preserving the rain forest and it’s people, it’s also a beautiful calendar that will transport you to the beauty of that region. Most of the images feature the natural riches of the rain-forest, while some focus more on the people who live in it.

Art Wolfe Travels to the Edge Wall Calendar

Art Wolfe Travels to the Edge Wall Calendar
Once again, acclaimed nature photographer Art Wolfe takes us on a fantastic journey to the ends of the earth, where he reveals strange and alien landscapes that are infused with nature’s phenomenal beauty and otherworldly energies. The Art Wolfe: Travels to the Edge wall calendar illuminates

Previous calendars:

American Scenic Landscapes CalendarAmerican Landscapes Wall Calendar

Through Galen Rowell’s acclaimed photography, this wall calendar brings a year’s worth of spectacular scenery of the United States to life. The beauty and diverse wildlife of the American national parks and natural wilderness are celebrated in this unique collection by the world-renowned nature photographer. Discover the pristine planes and mountains of North America and explore a glorious gallery of natural wonders.

By Sellers Publishing

Inspiration Scenic CalendarInspiration Wall Calendar

What inspires you? A family member, a friend, a leader, religion, nature, or the written word can inspire. The lush wildlife photography and inspirational quotes in this calendar is sure to provide joy and uplift the spirit.

By Plato Calendars

Life is the fire that burns, and the sun that gives light.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Gift of Zen Wall Calendar 

A soothing presence in a hurried world, The Gift of Zen will take you to a quiet, serene place inhabited by exquisitely beautiful images and calming quotes that will inspire and soothe. The simplicity and gentle beauty of this Zen Buddhist calendar’s Asian-influenced nature photography and philosophy is a welcome daily reminder of our own balanced, peaceful, and true nature.

By Portal Publications

New England Wall Calendar - bridges of Madison CountyNew England Wall Calendar

New England, from the rocky coast of Maine to the safe harbors of Rhode Island, from quaint valley villages of Vermont to the sandy beaches of Massachusetts, from majestic mountains of New Hampshire to fertile plains of Connecticut, is a land of charm and scenic splendor. This calendar shows New England in the ever changing beauty of the four seasons. From colorful blossoms to winter snow and of course the vibrant colors of autumn as well.

By Mahoney Publishing

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