Cow Wall Calendars

Cow Yoga CalendarFor cow lovers you’ll find portraits of cows of several breeds here. For those that love them, these are fabulous. For the rest of us, I think this is a camp calendar reminding us that our food once walked and ate grass.

Shown above: Cow Yoga! Photoshopped of course, but no less fun for all that!

Cows Wall Calendar “The cow is of the bovine ilk,” wrote Ogden Nash. “One end is moo, the other milk.” Twelve bright photographs these sweetest and gentlest of earth’s creatures. The large format features large daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments.

Cow Abductions Wall Calendar Where are all the cows mooooving to? Could it be that aliens are abducting them? These twelve official photo-documented images suggest that it’s so! The large format, full-color calendar features large daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments.

Cows Magnetic Mount Wall Calendar Cow lovers unite! This Magnetic Calendar Pad has 12 months of these bovine beauties showcased in the detailed, realistic paintings of artist Bonnie Mohr. This great organizer works perfectly in the kitchen, because it has a magnetic strip on the back. Printed on high-quality, linen-embossed paper that has a distinctive, luxurious feel.


Cows Wall Calendar  Enjoy a year of cows! These gentle bovines will moo-ve you with their wide-eyed gazes and charming dispositions. Delight in these simple creatures as they roam the fields in search of a good chew!

The Highland Cow Wall Calendar This calendar depicts thirteen color photographs of the popular ‘Highlanders’, who have become iconic figures within the landscape of Scotland. Opens out with separate date page for each month.

Cows 16 month Mini Wall Calendar Once again COWS of PEI offers their truly unique and fun tribute to the humble cow. Produced via environmentally friendly processes, using chlorine free FSC-certified paper and vegetable-based inks. They also produce a larger Wall calendar devoted to cows.

cow wall calendars

Cows 16 month Wall Calendar Got milk? Art meets agriculture in this wall calendar featuring your favorite farm animal, the cow. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper with environmentally safe inks. Cows are large animals with big appetites. Some breeds eat up to 80 pounds of food a day, and wash that down with 30 to 40 gallons of water. Cows are viewed as deities in South Asia, and their reserved, mysterious ways intrigue people the world over. Pay tribute to these bovine beauties with this charming wall calendars. Holsteins 2012 Wall Calendar

Holsteins Wall Calendar The proud and bold Holstein is a large, black or reddish-brown and white dairy cow that is known for its copious milk production. A Holstein can produce up to 64 quarts of milk in a day. That is to say, 256 glasses. Or 5 gallons of ice cream! Although these cows originated in the Netherlands, they can now be found the world over. This wall calendar showcases these dapper dairy cows. 

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