Planners for Women 2017

myAgenda Mini Planner – Size: 5″x7″x1″

9455983_f520This cute date book by MomAgenda features four extra spaces per day to keep track of all your commitments, like workouts, classes, social activities, family, and work. You can store all your important phone numbers, addresses, medical information, birthdays, favorite websites, essential passwords, and expense records in one handy and fashionable place. Plus there’s added space for more frivolous notes on books, movies, fashion, music, vacation ideas and anything else you deem worthy of jotting down. The myAgenda may not come with a cape, but keep one in your bag and you’ll feel an organizational hero.

17-month calendar runs from August through December the following year.

Personification options make this the perfect gift.

71GQrkL0gIL._SL1200_Perfect Timing – Lang Extraordinary Women Monthly Planner

13 Months: January of the present year through the end January of the next

Karen H. Good’s “Extraordinary Women” calendar personfies witty, charming, and fabulous females. This planner is suitable to use on the desk but small enough to take with you when you are on the go.

The planner has a 13 month format and includes notes and phone number pages.

Measures 8.25 x 12 Inches.

91OfyTMQADL._SL1500_One-Stop Planner for Busy Moms

Everything that a mom needs to keep it all organize is right here in this planner. This sturdy binder size is large enough to keep track of the entire family members’ schedules.

Convenient directory pages to locate those important phone numbers and a planner for special occasions like, birthdays, anniversaries and vacations.

Tear out list and sticky notes complete this one-stop organizer planner.

81yRCPm1DtLDaily Planner Designed For Busy Moms

Sue Hooley designed it to be adaptable to any female needs, with biblical inspiration included. 

This day planner was actually designed with the busy Mom in mind, however it can be easily adapted to the needs of any woman who wants to use a daily planner. You can plan each day at a glance with the two page format for one week. There is also a place for note the things on your “to do” list.

For busy Moms there is a place to jot down the daily meal menu and a shopping list section. Very useful for Moms but also useful for women who do not have children but still need to keep track of the shopping for the week or month and helpful in planning meals for you and your spouse or significant other.

81kgRD2Jv0L._SL1500_A Day Planner for Women Students

Plan-it has an entire line of cute covers that hold daily planning pages designed with the student in mind. She can be in High School or going to college and find the class scheduler section most helpful. Along with pages devoted to daily planning there are also pages to keep notes and pages to place goals for the year. The major holidays are noted on the pages for her and she can see the year at a glance when she needs it. Also includes inspirational messages from prominent women.

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