Mandala Calendars, Date Books, Agendas and Planners 2017

Sacred Geometry in your daily life

Mandalas are beautiful, usually round or square, symmetrical paintings. The tradition stems from India but has been taken up most famously in Tibetan Buddhism. It’s sand paintings have become crowd drawing events world-wide – and a major source of income for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.

I’ve collected calendars and engagement planners illustrated with these sacred images. May they calm your day.

These maṇḍala calendars are all dated.

61nhkVIaJELCeltic Mandala Engagement Calendar

Jen Delyth is famous for her Celtic Mandala art work. Her Date Book is a hardcover weekly planner that  lies flat for ease of use and features an elastic band page marker. Includes handy sections for notes and addresses.

Intricate knot-work and serpentine animal patterns imbue this engagement calendar with Celtic flair. 

9453924_f520Celtic Mandala Wall Calendars

The Celtic Mandala wall calendar presents more magical weavings of Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Jen’s intricate paintings and illustrations are founded in her deep connection to her Celtic heritage and are a personal journey into the language of ancient myth and symbol. Her original iconographic style is deeply informed by a connection with nature.

The Celts perceived the presence of divine forces in all aspects of nature. Patterns of harmony and balance, dark and light, winter and summer, female and male, are woven throughout Celtic tradition. Celtic knots and patterning show their belief in the continuity of life, the interconnection of all things: from stone and rock, to animals, plants, human society and divine life.

81ke0UuxxdLCeltic Blessings Calendars

Based on Celtic themes and early Irish Christian manuscripts, Michael Green masterfully fuses these two genres into a stunning modern look that is yet also rooted in the past.

It is an often overlooked fact that Celtic art is iconic for two very different world views: primeval Christianity and pagan/new age. Celtic art and spirituality stand on an overlap between these two cultures and act as connecting links between them. We can learn from the Celtic mix of the two, that is highly relevant in today’s world.

816pFeWf1yLBuddhist  Mandalas Wall Calendars

I started this article talking about Buddhism, and yet all I’ve had to show so far was Celtic / New Age. This year there is only one really Buddhist mandala calendar available. It features, as you would expect, traditional Tibetan Buddhist mandalas. In this case from the Asian Art Museum from the Chong Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture. 

81k-XN8W7tLMandala Coloring Calendar

Coloring for adults is hot. It’s easy to forget this, but coloring mandalas was already starting to be a bit of a niche hit before adults started coloring on a grander scale. It makes sense that some publishers decided to combine the two trends in a Mandala Coloring Calendar

71iJluFsiaLThere are two wall calendars in this niche, as well as a few mandala coloring desk pad calendars

More coloring calendars.

Reader responses

The Celtic calendar you have listed looks interesting. I use an agenda daily. I get a lot more accomplished with an agenda, and you can keep track of your past accomplishments to see how efficient your work week went. I definitely recommend one!

The cross-cut of a DNA strand is a mandala!

Good point Margo! Lots of things in nature evolve in the shape of a maṇḍala, I’ll come back and post when i think of one. shells often.

I adore all of these calendars and date books and would love one of each of them.

Love Mandalas! I have used these to calm myself after a hectic day @ work. Also, I have used the Mandala with students (middle and high school) who need to work on their fine motor skills, then it isn’t like “elementary”. I think I may have to look into the weekly calendar!

What do I think? Well, without a doubt they are quite beautiful, artistic and creative — and probably would make me want to write in my date books every day!

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