Flower and Forest Fairies Calendars

Fairies are really the way we like to imagine the spirit of nature. These calendars show these sprites in a way that is both beautiful and romantic.

rakham-fairies-calendar-2Thanks to technical advances in the 20th Century, it became possible to produce cheap and accurate reproductions. One of the greatest and most successful artists of this Golden Age of Illustration was Arthur Rackham. His style is unique and fantastical – combining beauty with a fantastic eye for detail.

I personally love how these pictures do NOT strive for perfection, but rather for a sense that all this is real. After all, the real isn’t always pretty.

Which isn’t to say that these illustrations aren’t beautiful, they’re just not in the usual fairy tale glamour. Instead one wonders what the story is behind these characters.

Vintage Fairies Easel Desk Calendar – Vintage illustrations from 1920 to 1930


Take flight into the fantasy world of Fairies with this lovely easel desk calendar perched on your desk.

This Fairies Desk Calendar features vintage illustrations, ranging from 1920 – 1930. Enjoy fairies lounging in their fantastic world of flowers, butterflies and toadstools.

When expanded the calendar measures 6″ x 7″ x 3″ and is eco-friendly – printed on acid-free, natural white, heavy card.

Flower Fairies Wall Calendar Cicely Mary Barker, the creator of The Flower Fairies, captures the beauty of nature in her exact depiction of flowers. She weaves magic with her illustrations of the fairies, which faithfully represent the spirit of each flower. Includes 120 stickers! By Graphique De France Flower Fairies Mini Wall Calendar

Flower Fairies Mini Wall Calendar The enduring appeal of The Flower Fairies to both collectors and children is the realism not just of the flowers, but the children used to portray the fairies.Prepare to enter the secret world of The Flower Fairies with illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker. Enchanted Year 2012 Wall Calendar

Enchanted Year Wall Calendar Becky Kelly is quick to point out that what she paints is not fantasy. The scenes she paints are based on the real world, with just a sprinkle of stardust to add a bit of magic. Spend your year with her enchanting watercolors of children, fairies, and animals. Fairyland 2012 Wall Calendar

Fairyland Wall Calendar With its sparkling glittered cover and insides the Fairyland calendar provides the viewer with a new visual delight every month. Jean & Ron Henry’s charming illustrations are irresistible, introducing us to a host of sweet winged cherubim, fairies and fairytale characters. Whether perched on a toadstool conversing with their woodland friends, taking a moonlit stroll or decorating the Christmas tree, you will lose yourself in their magical world. Each month is accompanied by a whimsical extract of poetry that reflects the magical nature of its partner image.


The mysterious and magical world of faeries has captivated artists and writers for centuries. This enchanting calendar is an invitation to spend a year in that magical kingdom, combining twelve stunning interpretations of faeryland by contemporary artists with inspiring words from both classic and modern poets.

Forest Fairies 2012 Wall Calendar

Forest Fairies Wall Calendar


Welcome to the delightful world of Beverlie Manson’s Forest Fairies, a beautiful calendar complete with glittered cover and insides. The delicate watercolors reveal a rich imagination, populated by pretty fairies in floaty dresses who frolic among flowers and hold tea parties. They are friends with all of nature as they play with the butterflies and ride atop unicorns. Care has been taken to select charming snippets of poetry that complement the image they partner.

Llewellyn's Woodland Faeries 2012 Wall Calendar


Llewellyn’s Woodland Faeries Wall Calendar Step inside a lush and wondrous world of Fae! Vividly illustrated by renowned fantasy artist Linda Ravenscroft, this enchanting faerie-themed calendar captures the whimsy and grace of beautiful nature spirits in their secret forest realm. Original, evocative scenes—alive in sensuous detail—bring us oh so close to the seductive nymphs, dancing pixies, and joyful sprites thriving in a hidden dimension flourishing with nature’s beauty. Amy Brown Faeries 2012 Wall Calendar

Amy Brown Faeries Wall Calendar “In the Faery realm, all things become possible and not all is what it seems.” So says artist Amy Brown, and she should know. Over the past 17 years she has completed over 1,300 Faery paintings. Now you can enter Amy’s world of Faery Folk through this enthralling collection of Faery portraits. Take a careful look—you may be lucky enough to catch one looking your way.

“It was like the Faeries had taken control of me and were pushing me to paint their portraits and perhaps to let the world know they are watching.” ~ Amy Brown

Rarely glimpsed but always fascinating to children and poets, the elusive world of fairies might actually exist right under our noses. Do fairies really inhabit our flower gardens, dance on the wind, and command the frost and snow?

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