Yoga Desk Calendar 2017

To stay inspired about your life, and get motivated about your yoga practice, a yoga desk calendar is just what the doctor ordered: daily inspiration and meditations from Julie Rappaport.
Daily Yoga Meditations Desk Calendar

Daily Yoga Meditations features spiritual texts and daily teachings to encourage you on your yoga journey. Based on the book by Julie Rappaport, 365 Yoga this calendar provides the perfect way to achieve balance in the year ahead.
Daily Yoga Meditations Desk Calendar

Here are Currently available Yoga Desk Calendars, if any exist. Usually there are a lot of yoga wall calendars. Desk calendars are harder to find. 

More than just physical exercise

Although many go to Yoga classes to perform the physical exercise, it really is so much more than that if you choose for it to be. Certainly working on your body’s physical strength and flexibility is wise and can make you feel better in the long run. Yoga can become a lifestyle for you, too. Meditation can be a part of your practice where you can use it as a stress reliever or as a way to become more connected with your inner spiritual being.

Using Yoga for a more physically fit body, a stronger mind and mental attitude and a deeper connection to your emotions can and does lead to living a happier and healthier life.

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