Thomas Kinkade Desk Calendars 2020-2021

Thomas Kinkade Desk Calendars 2013

Calendars featuring Thomas Kinkade are so popular Andrews McMeel has brought out several desk calendars featuring his paintings. Many of these are enlivened with spiritual or biblical quotes.

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Desk Calendar
Thomas Kinkade’s art collection includes more than a thousand paintings created over many years. This Desk Calendar provides the opportunity for his fans and collectors to enjoy hundreds of the artist’s pictures on each day of the year. Every single full-color page features the classic cottages, beautiful gardens, lighthouses and cozy cabins that we associate with Kinkade and which made him the most collected living artist in the world.

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Desk Calendar With Scripture
This Desk Calendar features the distinct seascapes, cityscapes and landscapes, cottages, churches,lighthouses, gardens, gates and gazebos that are easily recognised as the work of Thomas Kinkade. Each page features a full-color painting co-ordinated with a specially selected Bible verse from the King James Bible.

This mini desk calendar also has a magnetic backing so you can hang this calendar on a fridge or filing cabinet.

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Mini Desk Calendar
This Mini Desk Calendar features the words and the art of Thomas Kinkade. “Once you begin looking, you may be surprised to discover just how much joy your world has to offer” and “Find a hill and climb it and enjoy the vista from the top” are just two of the quotes that can be found along with beautiful details from his paintings.

Older Thomas Kinkade Desk Calendars

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Desk Calendar
Since 1984, Thomas Kinkade has been creating and publishing extraordinary works of art for fans and collectors around the world. Each page of this daily calendar features a different full-color image taken from the artist’s extensive and incomparable collection of paintings.

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light with Scripture Desk Calendar
This daily calendar is a feast for the eyes and a balm for the soul. Each full-color page features a detail from one of Thomas Kinkade’s beautiful paintings and an inspirational Bible verse.

Thomas Kinkade Lightposts for Living Mini Desk Calendar
There is an art to living joyfully. This lovely little calendar illuminates the way to a more rewarding and creative life with an inspirational quote by Thomas Kinkade or a wonderful image by the artist on each full-color page.

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