Unicorn calendars 2017

Unicorns are, as J.K. Rowling knew very well, symbols of purity. These illusive magical creatures were seen as rare, but real during the Middle Ages in Europe. The last Unicorn was spotted in the 17th century. The ability to catch a unicorn was thought to belong only to pure hearted virgins. These fantasy art calendars feature unicorns painted by various artists. Susan Boulet and Gina Befera are but two of the artists who have chosen to portray them here. Unicorns Wall calendar61IyHh60N0L._SL1000_ The Lady and the Unicorn

The Lady and the Unicorn Wall Calendar The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries are among the most beautiful art treasures of the world. They were woven c. 1500, probably in the workshops of Flanders, in the medieval style of mille fleurs, a “thousand flowers.” Since 1882, the tapestries have been housed in Paris in the once medieval cloister, the Musee de Cluny. The tapestries represent the six senses-hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste and love.

Unicorns Wall Calendar The unicorn is a mystical animal. Often the subject of folklore and storytelling, this mythical creature continually captures our imagination. Unicorns Wall Calendar The mythical unicorn all but comes to life in this magical 2011 wall calendar. Over a dozen stunning illustrations of the fabled beast are enough to make even the most hardened skeptics believe.


Unicorns Enchanted Journeys Wall Calendar Take an enchanted journey with Unicornartist Gina Befera in her 4th unicorn calendar filled with all new unicorns, fairies, elves and other magical creatures. The calendar features 12 framable original art images, stirring writings composed by the artist, major holidays, large squares to write in and mini calendars at the bottom of each page. A bonus page of mini art from previous calendars and a page of grids for September – December of the next year are also included.

Gina’s 4th unicorn calendar is dedicated to the memory of her mother, Claire, who inspired her to believe in magic and follow her dreams. Ancient myths abounds with eyewitness accounts of hybrid creatures such as the minotaur, sphinx, and camelopard. But the most beautiful mythical creature of them all was the unicorn, portrayed since the Middle Ages as a luminous white steed with a single antelope horn on its forehead. The last reported sighting took place in the 17th century, but the unicorn lives on in our dreams, in modern literature like Harry Potter, and in these beautiful paintings.

More Susan Seddon Boulet calendars Artist and publisher Gina Befera brings you the Unicorn Signs and Secrets calendar. Last year her bestselling fantasy art calendar Unicorns and Other Magic, took the world by storm. She singlehandedly rejuvenated the popularity of the unicorn. The new calendar features 12 stunning paintings suitable for framing and destined to become keepsakes in the years to come. Published by Idea Works Studios

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