Learn Yiddish Desk Calendars 2020-2021

Learning Yiddish helps you get in touch with the Eastern European Jewish tradition as well as perhaps your grandmother. But learning Yiddish isn’t just about being a proper Jew, it can be fun as well. These three desk calendars each teach a phrase a day, but their approach is very different. Have some fun learning Yiddish and getting in touch with your Jewish roots.

Jewish Yiddish Phrase-A-Day Desk Calendar

Yiddish Phrase-A-Day Desk Calendar
From sheyner tog! (beautiful day) to Ikh hob dir lib. (I love you.), you will enjoy learning a new Yiddish word or phrase every day of the year. You, too, can share this wonderfully expressive, humorous, and earthy mame loshen (mother tongue), which has delighted generations. Easy pronunciations and clear definitions are included.

The Joy of Jewish Humor Desk Calendar
Marnie Winston-Macauley, the award winning author who brought us A Little Joy, A Little Oy, now brings pure joy! The Joy of Jewish Humor Day-to-Day Calendar is filled with funny entries that are uniquely Jewish. Topics include “Marriage and Other Mitzvahs,” “Never Satisfied,” “Jewish vs. Goyish,” and “Two Jews, Three Opinions.” It also contains celebrity quotes, jokes, anecdotes, Yiddish curses, and cartoons by Keren Keet. From Eastern Europe to the Borscht Belt, the Joy of Jewish Humor is the gold star standard.

Jewish Goyish vs. Jewish Mini Desk Calendar

Marnie Winston-Macauley

Goyish vs. Jewish Mini Desk Calendar
Award winning author Marnie Winston-Macauley offers a unique perspective on what is deemed Goyish and what is distinctly Jewish in this new calendar. Need an example? Sub sandwiches are Goyish, but corned beef on rye is Jewish. Succinct and to the point, this lighthearted calendar is sure to garner laughs from Jews and Gentiles alike.

The calendar’s backer includes an easel for display on a counter or desk and magnets that allow it to be attached to a metal surface.

‘Mazzel Tof’ is Jewish
‘Yippee!’ is Goyish

Talk Dirty Yiddish Desk Calendar This is the Yiddish they didn’t teach at Temple. Based on the book Talk Dirty: Yiddish, this Hebrew calendar gives readers the lowdown on how to really get low in Yiddish. With slang, curses, and idiomatic expressions, this book gives you the insight track on Yiddish street talk. Published by Lang Holdings Inc.

Yiddish originated in Europe hundreds of years ago, as a common language among Eastern European Jews. Today, Yiddish words and phrases can be widely found in American English due to the language’s use by early Eastern European immigrants in the United States.

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