Best Leather Planners 2020-2021

Agenda Calendars With Leather Covers

Have you decided that you want a planner to keep your days, weeks, and months organized? Have you been thinking that you would want a leather planner to accomplish this organization of appointments and important dates? I could not agree with you more, if you have. I like the look and feel of leather and the durability that it affords with daily use. Personally, I think that using a leather cover gives the impression that I am serious about my work day. There is a sense of richness and elegance when using one, too.

navy-weekly-planner-deskNavy Gallery Leather Large Weekly Professional Planner – 18 Month Planner

This Leather Planner is the newest design in the Gallery Leather planner range. The simple design makes it ideal for office use or someone who prefers a plain weekly planner.

Whether they are called planners, engagement calendars or agenda books; they all pretty much operate in the same manner. Features may vary slightly but typically a planner is going to have the ability to record daily, weekly and monthly appointments and important dates. When you purchase one that is bound or covered in leather it is with the idea that you will purchase refills for the coming years. I think that makes the choice an economical one, too. The initial cost of the cover will save you money over the span of years that you use it.

What kind of leather do you prefer?

What’s the best kind of leather?

  • 45% Calfskin 
  • 9% Cattlehide 
  • 18% Goatskin 
  • 9% Patent leather 
  • 18% Nappa leather

44 people voted in this poll.


Classic Black Leather

I particularly like the styling and the features of this leather planner. You get a package of undated calendar pages that you can replace with the next years pages when you are ready. The standard six ring binder pages will work well when it is time to change years. What I like about this cover are the extra pockets inside. One slot can be used to carry your passport if you travel often to other countries or you could use it for your driver’s license. There are also slots for credit cards that you use often. The one drawback that I see is that there is no loop for a pen. That can be remedied with a small vinyl pouch that can be kept in place with the binder rings, though. The pouch could also be used for paperclips and other little items that you might want to carry with you.


Letter Sized Planner

This brown leather planner will accommodate letter sized pages or 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages. I like this size because for one thing there is more room to jot down the things that I need to remember. It is also a nice size to both carry and to keep on a desk to refer to during the day. Your original purchase will give you undated pages that will take you through the first year and then refills can be purchased in the coming years. This particular calendar or agenda book zips closed and has a handle for carrying it with. It also has an outer pocket for those items that you need easy access to. The planner also comes with a vinyl pouch for your convenience. There is an extra notepad and a ruler included, too. Need a place to store your cards? No problem, there is a place for those in this stylish agenda book.


Pink Napa Leather For The Ladies

Day Timer Desk Organizer

This is such a pretty planner for the ladies to carry. The pebbled leather has nice chocolate brown edges and is trimmed with the same brown stitching giving it a delicious look. The interior is lined with chocolate brown suede. A nice starter kit comes with this purchase. Sample pages of the more popular styles and formats of pages to include to make it fit our personal needs. Once you have decided which ones you like the best and will use the most often you can purchase the ones that you want. Several pockets are incorporated into the cover so that you have ample storage space. You also get monthly tabs that will make finding the date that you want easy and quick.

This starter set includes an undated planner set for a full year. I recommend refilling it with a dated set as soon as is practical.

  • Binder dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ – Holds 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ Desk-sized Day-Timer loose-leaf refills and accessories


Do you like the look of distressed leather?

Day Timer Desk Organizer

Here is a nice planner that has the look of an aviator bomber jacket. I love it! It comes with some sample pages so that you can choose the formats that you like the best. I have found that sometimes it takes a month or two of actually using the pages before I know which ones suit my needs the best. There are extras included with your purchase like a vinyl zip pouch, notepad holder, pen loop and some storage pockets. This would make a nice gift for a man but actually I think many women would like the look and usefulness of it, too.

This starter set includes an undated planner set for a full year. I recommend refilling it with a dated set as soon as is practical.

  • The desk size holds 5.5 x 8.5 Inches pages

Engagement Books Make Nice Gifts

Whether you decide on a leather cover or a different style, I think that giving a planner, agenda book or engagement calendar makes a nice gift for several occasions during the year. They are a thoughtful gift for the graduate of either high school or college.

They also make wonderful gifts for birthdays for either men or women. By giving them a planner with a starter kit that has undated pages in it they can start the year at any time they want. Later, when they need new pages they can personalize it with themed pages or the different formats that work for them the best.

Agenda books make for nice holidays gifts for students and men or women who want to be better organized in the coming year. Of course they are also great for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift item.

Refills For Your Leather Organizer/Planner

As I have mentioned in the descriptions above, most of them can be refilled as the need arises. As you can see there are different formats for the information you will be recording and there are also themed pages that you can get for your planner. That makes it nice because it becomes a little more personal for you. The main thing to consider is the size of page that your binder cover will accommodate and the number of binder rings that you have. In other words three hole pages are not going to work in a cover that has seven rings so it is something to pay close attention to.

Animals Of Leather

You might think that all leather is made from the hide of a cow and that is not entirely true. There is a lot of leather made from bovine creatures but not all of the leather made in the world comes from cattle. Expensive apparel is often time made from lamb or deerskin while indoor shoes and work gloves might be made from deer or elk skins.

It is not uncommon to have leather made from pigs, buffalo, goats, kangaroos, ostriches, alligators or crocodiles. Oxen and yaks are also animals whose hides can be made into leather.

Different animals provide hides that are more suitable for certain items. For instance, the kangaroo hides make excellent bullwhips. People who ride motorcycles prefer kangaroo leather for their riding apparel because it is lighter in weight and does not get scratched as easily.
Pigskin leather works well for for the seats of saddles and is also often used for clothing and apparel.

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