Mindfulness Planner 2017

Live a more mindful life throughout the year with these beautiful and inspiring Planners, featuring breathtaking art and reflective words of wisdom.

Mindfulness is about living the moment – not by just partying your life away, but by being aware of where you are, what you are, right now. In our busy lives this is an essential practice to make sure you don’t run away with yourself. Mindfulness practice can be as simple as counting ten breaths, or being aware of your feet as you walk. Try it – you’ll find it makes a difference.

9459151_f520Mindful Living Hardcover Engagement Calendar
This weekly planner features one week per page.

Also included are monthly planning calendars, tabbed monthly sections, plenty of space for notes and addresses, and an elastic closure. There is even a pocket to store papers, receipts or travel tickets in.

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it.


Mindful Living Pocket PlannerZen Pocket Planner
This Pocket Planner features one week per page, beginning with Monday, which makes it more of a weekly engagement planner as most ‘pocket planners’ cram a full month in two pages.¬†

The perfect size for pockets, purses or briefcases. The lovely artwork of Evelia will offer the calm and harmony you want each day with her Asian inspired creations.

9459133_f520Thich Nhat Hanh Hardcover Engagement Calendar
In this datebook we are treated to the words of Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet, and activist Thich Nhat Hanh. We are reminded how to find and make peace and our reflections are further inspired by the art of Adam Guan.

This planner features one week per page and also included are monthly planning calendars, tabbed monthly sections, lots of space for notes and addresses plus an elastic closure.

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