Hallmark Datebooks and Planners 2020-2021

Popular Datebook Planner By Hallmark

Each year the company famous for greeting cards, issues the Hallmark Datebook. It is a planner type calendar that has a different theme each year. The planner keeps you abreast on the important dates during the calendar year and gives a list of Holidays that occur each year. The bonus is there are coupons to be used in a Hallmark store through out the coming year. The datebooks usually span from November of one year through December of the following year.

These datebooks are given freely in Hallmark stores across the country and are so popular that they become hard to find after a short period of time. Can you get them in other ways? Sometimes, yes.

8145mvjKODLMaxine, A Hallmark Classic

So many people love the crabby old granny known as Maxine. She can had humor to your planning for the year with her quips and sarcasm. Her cards, calendars and planners are printed under Shoebox Greetings (a tiny little division of Hallmark) and have been popular since her introduction to the world in 1986.


Hallmark Cards Inc: a little history

The company known as Hallmark to many people in the United States had its beginning in 1910 from Joyce C Hall who was fascinated with the popularity of post cards in the US and around the world. He initially sold post cards and then began to encourage the purchase of a greeting card instead. He felt that a greeting card was much more personal and offered a bit more class than the simple post card did.

The company was first called Hall Brothers and at first the brothers sold Valentine and Christmas cards to the public. They are also given credit for modern wrapping paper. In 1928 the brothers changed the name to Hallmark adopting the mark that was used by goldsmiths in London.

81zDNgs6iML._SL1500_Hallmark Vintage Wedding Planner Book

This engagement gift idea has a vintage look and will help your friends plan their wedding perfectly. From budget to guest list. Planning a wedding is tough. This planner helps the bride and groom stay organised by streamlining the choices.

First there are the general choices to make:

  • Civil or religious wedding?
  • Wedding-date?
  • Wedding-venue?
  • Budget?

Later on they can decide on more particular issues:

  • Number of guests?
  • Booking that venue!
  • Decide on caterer / do-it-yourself and book them too.
  • Who is going to be best man, brides-maids etc?
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