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Count Down To Christmas For Girls. Does your family use an Advent Calendar to count the days to Christmas each year? Perhaps you are just planning to start the tradition in your family and you want something that your little girl will enjoy as she looks forward to the coming holiday. I have found some adorable examples of these calendars that are designed for young girls that I believe you will enjoy.

A fun idea is to have one Advent Calendar for the entire family to enjoy and have another that your little girl can have in her room to use each day. That way she will get her very own little gift each morning or evening when she opens a door, window or box as she marks the 24 days during the month. She will truly love the build up and get some practice in counting along the way.


Girls Legos Are Ready For Advent

Do they need an introduction? The Lego Friends are the LEGO line developed for girls. Styled in lavender these fashionable fun girl dolls and their world may get your girl to develop an interest in technology. Since she probably needs to earn her own living in future, this is not a bad thing. Women empowerment and all that, and in a fun stylish package to boot.

And yes, since there are advent calendars for every other popular Lego theme, there is one for Lego Friends as well. It’s bound to be a best seller this year.

Unfortunately, the Lego Friends sets are known for not including a lot of general pieces. In other words: they don’t help girls develop their creativity as much. Instead they’re stuck playing beauty parlor or cooking. Nothing wrong with that of course, but perhaps you want your girl to learn to imagine other options for herself as well. If so, consider getting a¬†more gender neutral ‘Lego City’ advent calendar.

Legos are so popular right now with kids around the globe! Girls are having so much fun with the building sets that are themed with them in mind. Now Lego has an Advent Calendar where little girls will receive a different element each of the 24 days as they countdown to Christmas! Some of these will not be found in other sets which makes it even more exciting. She will get 2 mini-figures (Olivia and Christine) along with a dog named Coco. There are also some bricks that are in colors that she won’t find in other sets, too. There is a snowman to build, a tree to decorate and a snowmobile that will deliver gifts. A really fun set for girls aged 5 to 12 years old.

The holiday season has arrived in Heartlake City, which is the home of LEGO Friends Olivia, Christina and their dog Coco! Head outdoors to build a snowman or go skiing, then it is back indoors to warm up by the fire with cookies and milk.

Olivia and Christina write their Christmas cards, deliver presents on their snowmobile and of course the Christmas tree needs decorating.

This LEGO Friends Advent Calendar includes 24 individual items, including 2 mini dolls, a dog and accessories.

What is Advent?

For many western Christian churches, Advent is the beginning of the liturgical year. It is also the season for which they are looking with anticipation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent, generally, begins on the Fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. However, the Advent Calendars start on December 1st and go through the next 24 days counting down to the 25th day.

The first Advent Calendars were religious in nature and themes but in today’s society many of the calendars have no religious themes at all. They are used by many families as a way to count down, provide little treats for the family and have a more commercial tie to the holiday season.

The first Advent calendars are credited to the German Lutherans back in the 19th century who began to physically count the days by either marking the days with a writing instrument or creating little treats as a part of the count down.

barbie-advent-calendarBarbie Advent Calendars

Barbie is the quintessential girly theme. Girls don’t HAVE to like pink or purple of course, but with Barbie there is no escaping it.


Girls Want To Be A Princess

Help a Princess plan a fairytale Christmas Wedding in this Playmobil Advent Calendar. In the run up to Christmas, the castle needs decorating with the surprise items revealed each day.

This Girls’ Advent Calendar includes a backdrop, four characters, the wedding dress and veil, a mirror, white horse, wedding cake and other surprises to help create a dazzling fairytale wedding.

In addition most girls are fascinated with weddings so this Playmobil Advent Calendar combines both for a wonderful way to enjoy the season while counting down the days. By the time that Christmas Day arrives your little girl will have all of the pieces she will need for a royal wedding. The Prince and Princess who are the bride and groom, a King, a flower girl and so much more. A fun idea for girls aged 4 years old and older.


Holiday Outfits For Polly Pocket

If your little girl loves Polly Pocket or just loves to play with fashion, this calendar is a nice one for her. As the 24 days of Advent progress, she will get different pieces of clothing and accessories to dress Polly for the holidays. The pieces can be mixed and matched to her little heart’s content. Perfect for girls aged four to ten who love the Polly Pocket line of toys or just love fashion design in general.

Girls can help Polly Pocket get ready for Christmas and celebrate the Holiday season in style with this great collection of holiday-inspired looks and fashion styles. Each day reveals mix ‘n match clothes and accessories to create the perfect outfits for Polly to go to holiday parties, shopping, and more!


My Little Pony Advent Calendar

The girls of today are enjoying the return of the My Little Pony toys, that is for sure. With new episodes showing on television girls are falling in love with these adorable and colorful ponies all over again. If your little girl loves this line of toys or just loves horses in general, this advent calendar is perfect for her. She will receive three ponies and over 40 accessories as she opens the windows each day of Advent.

My Little Pony Toy Advent Calendars has 3 ponies! Aren’t they Cute?

Count down the days until Christmas with this My Little Pony Advent Calendar featuring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. Each day reveals a new treat, with over 40 accessories including pop-out ornaments.

The tree pops out and is decorated with stickers.

What is the purpose of an Advent Calendar?

The German Lutherans are credited for first beginning this practice of counting down the days of Advent although counting down the days to the holiday that we now know as Christmas predates even the time that the followers of Luther and his form of Protestant Christianity. It is this group though that began to practice it more with using a calendar type format.

Advent in many Christian calendars actually fluctuates from year to year but in today’s society most calendars count down the 24 days of December until the family reaches Christmas morning. It is a tradition that families across the globe have enjoyed for decades and the modern versions of this countdown will follow a variety of themes. Fortunately for the families who have little girls there are ones that are cute and can be found in versions of her favorite characters, dolls, television casts, movie themes and just regular Christmas or winter themes that she will enjoy.

Looking For Additional Advent Calendar Ideas?

Advent calendars can have a religious theme or just a fun theme for the family to enjoy. A fun list of ideas for the family or just kids can be found by following the link here. You will see ones with toys, ones that are funny, and even some that have chocolate or candies as the gifts.

If you are looking for a calendar for your family to use, there is an amazing variety of choices for you to look at. I am sure you will find the perfect one for your entire family to enjoy or one that will be fun for the kids to use.

A Variety of themes For Advent

There are so many wonderful ideas to use for a little girl to have her own Advent Calendar. You can pick from scenes of a winter wonderland, Hello Kitty, Littlest Pet Shop and so many other themes that she will get so much joy with as she learns about the days leading up to Christmas Day.

hello kitty advent calendar

Hello Kitty Advent Calendar

We have recently learned that Hello Kitty is not in fact a cat or even a kitten. Nor is she Japanese, as you might have been excused for thinking. She’s a British girl, with a twin sister, a dog and a whole family besides. Does that spoil the fun? I don’t think so! This advent calendar is true to that theme at least. It does look like a very European Christmas.


Littlest Petshop Toy Advent Calendar

Littlest Petshop is a cute collection of pets. In this case in the shape of an advent calendar. There is even a small ornament included.

The Littlest Pet Shop Advent Calendar will help your little ones count down the days until Christmas. Starting on December 01, each of the 24 days of Advent opens to reveal a special surprise. You will find either one of the three Littlest Pet Shop pets or some fun accessories that will help them get ready for the holidays.

Suitable for ages 4 and up.


Girly advent calendars from Playmobil!

This one is themed for fairies and ancient Britain. I guess we have a bit of a British theme going on here.


The Unicorn in Fairy World Advent Calendar has a backdrop that can be hung on the wall. Each of the Advent boxes is numbered and are easily hung on the backdrop. Directions are included on how to set up the calendar and show which items go in each box.

Once all the boxes are opened this Christmas Calendar provides a background for imaginative play

For ages 4 and up.

Xmas Post Office – Ages 4 and up, pre-k and kindergarten as well as for older kids

In this Playmobil Advent Calendar, the cardboard backdrop sets the scene in the Park and each day a new item is added. Over the 24 days of Advent, the scene builds up.

On one day the new item may be a character and the next day it may be a related item, such as something to hold. There is even a Pony Ranch by Playmobil!

Playmobil Advent Calendar Forest Winter Wonderland

Santa and his forest friends prepare for Christmas in the Forest. This Playmobil Advent Calendar builds a Forest Winter Wonderland. Each of the 24 days of Advent contains a total of 24 surprises.

The set includes a Forest backdrop, Santa, a girl, sleigh, mother and baby fox, mother and baby deer, raccoons, rabbits, birds and other surprises to build up this Winter Wonderland Christmas scene

Girl Gift advent calendars – best advent calendars for girls

Advent calendars for girls are usually pink. Whether they feature Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop, Playmobil, Polly Pocket, Lego, Monster High or My Little Pony, they’re invariably cute and pretty and very often pink. My favorite is the one shown here: the Barbie advent calendar for older girls. Don’t tell me you don’t think it’s cute.

Advent calendars count down to Christmas in a style that is fun yet traditional. In the early 19th century German Lutheran’s are said to have counted the 24 days to Christmas by simply drawing a chalk line on their doorpost. As the tradition developed people expanded on it, marking the days with little pictures or lighting a candle for each day.

In 1851 the first advent calendar that can be historically traced was made by hand. Printed advent calendars didn’t appear till the early 20th century though.

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