Adult Advent Calendar 2022-2023


When looking for an Advent calendar to use during the holiday season we often find ones that are geared towards children. But what if you want an adult advent calendar? You may be a single person who has no children but you still want to follow the tradition of your family and celebrate by counting down those days in December to Christmas Day. It might be that you are a couple who are now empty nesters and would rather have a calendar for the Advent Season that is not so childish in its styling. You might also wish to have one that is more about the story of the first Christmas and is more faith based than one designed to delight a child’s view of the holiday. There are advent calendars on the market that will meet what you are looking for. Let me show you a few options to make your shopping a little easier.


 rockwell-adventNorman Rockwell’s Advent Calendar

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