Playmobil Advent Calendars 2022-2023

Celebrating Advent with Playmobil toys for boys and girls

Since playmobil is all about the dolls, and playing out games and stories with them, they lend themselves well to advent calendars: each day you get a new doll or piece of the story. Whether it’s a horse, a dragon, or a pirate’s treasure chest.

We had lego and playmobil in our house. For some reason, playmobil was more my brother’s territory, while we both played with lego. The playmobil dolls got all disfigured (or so I think looking back) by us using the markers to give them more character.

I guess the fun my brother had still shows…Whether it’s fun in the city, the forest or with cowboys – these playmobil advent calendars will give your kids scenery as well as dolls to play with. For boys and girls.

Playmobil lends itself well to advent calendars: those dolls, their getups… The scenery… There are 3 Playmobil advent calendars that will simply walk off the shelves this year:

I think the Playmobil Dinosaur Expedition is the most fun, especially for boys.

Playmobil Unicorn Advent Calendars

I assume this one is usually bought for girls. It’s a cute and sweet advent calendar, of course containing unicorns and fairies for the playmobil world.


This other one is a bit more like the Playmobil me and my brother played with when I was young.
Playmobil Winter Wonderland

Though perhaps it’s only a bit more like it. In my memory Playmobil dolls weren’t nearly this cute. But then, the marker marks we put all over them may have had something to do with it.

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