Barbie advent calendar 2020-21

What girl doesn’t play with Barbie, or at least with Barbie-look-alikes? No wonder Mattel came out with a Barbie Advent Calendar – well, two.

The wooden Barbie Advent Calendar is a bit more classy: for your 11 or 12 year old girl who loves the accessories that come with dressing Barbie up. Behind the doors you’ll find candy canes, sunglasses, high heels shoes, purses, lipstick and mirrors. Everything can be hung on the doorknobs, so the days to Christmas are properly counted down.

The Barbie Advent Calendar Play Set is for girls 3 years and up. It contains 24 surprises. Barbie makes for a fun and cute advent calendar theme.

Barbie is of course the ultimate girl toy – from baby girls to adults, in fact. Barbie advent calendars are a great pink way to count down the days to Christmas for girly girls.

There are two Barbie calendars available. The first is for little girls: a toy barbie Barbie Advent Calendar Play Set. It contains, as you would expect, everything barbie is shopping for this Christmas.

The more sturdy and traditional Barbie Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar by Kurt Adler is, unfortunately, not available as I write this. However, click through to Amazon to find out if it IS available when you’re looking for it.

More advent calendars to celebrate counting the days towards Christmas – in pink or otherwise.

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