Storybook Advent Calendars 2020-21

Telling your child a story at bedtime is a good tradition. In December there is nothing more suitable than telling a story about Christmas. Advent storybooks do just that: one story each night to help you count down for Christmas and share some quality time with your child.

advent-story-bookAdvent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas and companion Advent Storybook Advent Calendar

The popular Advent storybook sold so well that they created a companion Advent Calendar to match. Both are illustrated by Maja Dusikova , who has illustrated more than her fair share of advent calendars for children.This set follows Benjamin Bear who, like many children, can’t wait for Christmas: he’s so very impatient. His mother is like many of you out there reading this: she helps him deal with his impatience by reading him a Christmas Bed Time Story each night. The topic: a little bear who travels to Bethlehem through deserts, mountains and dark nights.On the way he has many adventures, experiences small kindnesses, does a few himself, encounters miracles etc.

As whole this storybook will delight your small child (up to about 7) and prepare them for Christmas: both the holiday and the spirit of the season.

81lS5iJgSuL._SL1444_Entertaining with Caspari Christmas Pop-Up Advent Calendar and Story Book, Nativity

One of the best selling pop-up advent calendars from last year… The story is the traditional advent story, which certainly counts in it’s favor. The pop-up part works well, for people who are handy with their hands. A significant minority of users report that it did NOT work for them, though. 

The story-book part of it does get unanimous positive reviews – one grandson going so far as to take it to his bed-ridden grandpapa – to be read from it. 

916PUsjGpYL The Nutcracker Story Book Set and Advent CalendarThe Nutcracker is the famous ballet played each year at Christmas time.

This isn’t just a storybook: it’s 24 storybooks, one for each day counting down to Christmas.

Together they tell the story of the nutcracker, from his first glimpse of the house, through all his troubles and of course the happy ending.

The books are crafted in such a way that they can be hung on the Christmas Tree as decorations. Perhaps your child, if they’re careful, can help hang them?

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51ONMVh-0WL The Adventure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday TraditionsLisa Whelchel was tired of the commercial side of Christmas and decided to do something about it. In writing her book she rediscovered the Christian meaning of our Christmas traditions and tells them in 24 stories to her children (and yours of course).

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