Cute Girly Day Planners and Weekly Organizers 2020-21

Mom Agenda Planners

Pretty and Stylish Planners!

Are you a girl or woman looking for a date book? Here are my favorite feminine planners. This collection features floral, pink, and other aesthetically pleasing organizers. There’s something every woman, from the busy mom or sophisticated college student to the playful middle school student or spiritual yogi.

Posh: Indigo Monthly/Weekly Planning Calendar

This delightfully designed planner is a bold and whimsical way to organize your life. It has 18 monthly spreads from August to December the next year, weekly planning pages, three-years of calendars for reference, and space for planning for the next year.

Mom Agenda PlannersmomAgenda and myAgenda’s Beautiful and Stylish Planners

These lovely momAgenda planners aren’t just for moms. Anyone can get organized with these very beautiful dated planners, available in great colors and patterns. They feature:

  • A week-a-view format complemented by a month-by-month overview page.
  • To help you prioritize specific areas of your life, each day has four extra blocks.
  • 17-month calendars, running from August to December the upcoming year.
  • Personalized cover options, making them a great gift.
  • Space for all your must-attend appointments as well as your less formal commitments, like the gym.
  • An array of fun colors such as shimmering scarlet, blue, violet, and gold; graphite, leopard, and python.

81ruFhukZ2LGooseberry Patch Appointment Calendar

Gooseberry Patch Appointment Calendar

Ready for the best year yet? Keep track of all your memorable days with the new Appointment Calendar from Gooseberry Patch!

From birthdays and appointments to anniversaries and other special occasions, this 12-month, spiral-bound datebook has space to jot them all down. It comes with: both weekly and monthly views; delicious recipes, clever ideas, and tips that make it a keepsake as well as a planner; and charming watercolor artwork to inspire all year long.

Bloom daily planners Calendar Year Planner (January through December the next year) Paisley Hearts

This planner comes with many stylish covers and includes inspirational quotes and words of wisdom from well-known women. It also comes with a “plan ahead” spread at the beginning of each month and weekly view pages with lots of writing space.

Wild Flowers Just Right Monthly Planner Orange Circle Studios

Don’t you want a planner that inspires you every day? These upbeat colorful planners will put a smile on your face for sure. Whether you buy one because it’s homey and cute or because it brings a bit of inspiration to your day is up to you.

Done in many abstract floral themes, you’re bound to find one that suits your personality.

Floral Planners & Calendars

Stylish and cute

Every woman likes flowers, isn’t that so? These floral planners brighten up your day with flowers in all types of style. You’re bound to find one that suits your personality.

There are planners in French country style, motivational planners as well as date books with more abstract floral theme.

Check them out!

tokidoki-art-planner2Japanese Animation Planners for Tweens: Tokidoko Hello Kitty Planner

These funky planners are great for tweens.

Tokidoki was created in 2003 by artist Simone Legno who wanted to express a spirit of hope and a sense that, at any given moment, something magical and positive can happen. The Tokidoki Engagement Planner features Tokidoki designs and is organized with one week to a page.

hello-kitty-engagementThe Hello Kitty planner is more basic: it’s a cute monthly planner and will help your tween learn how to organize, but don’t expect room for school schedules and that sort of thing.


18 month weekly planner for moms, in a folk-artsy style

This folksy 16-month September to December the next year planner features weekly page views, two monthly calendar views (this year and next) for reference, hardcover binding, an elastic closure, convenient back pocket folder for loose papers, and an address book.

paperblanks-engagement-plannerThese gorgeous planners by Paperblanks are feminine without being too girly. They come in many interesting and sophisticated designs, and are well-built and look like antique leather books.

With both monthly and weekly page views, these planners also come with satin ribbon place markers, pocket folder for loose papers, travel planning pages, and pages for other important dates. A handy reference page includes useful telephone numbers and websites, international dialing codes, emergency numbers, conversion tables, and a world timezone map.

woman-s-diary-bouletSusan Seddon Boulet Planner

This combined weekly planner and diary has reproductions of Susan Seddon Boulet paintings celebrating womanhood on each page, as well as inspirational quotes by women. The planner-diary combination allows you to record your thoughts, feelings, and growth along with daily appointments and reminders.

B Word PlannerThe B-Word Engagement Planner

This sassy planner is decorated with retro-style illustrations and sassy insights for bold and brazen women who aren’t afraid of a little B-word.

Get a planner that starts NOW

In summer the best planners to get are the ones that start June/July/August academic planners.
As we move into new year however, you may want to go with an ordinary year planner starting January instead.

mom-do-it-all-plannerThe Do-It-All Mom Planner is a 17-month date book that runs from August through December of the following year. This organizer has stickers tear-out to-do-lists, and a handy pocket for notes and papers. Perfect for busy moms!

paris-peter-pauper-plannerWith a beautiful vintage design, the Bon Vivant planner is accented with gold foil and raised embossing. This smart 16-month September to December weekly planner format spreads the week across two pages. It also has space for notes and addresses. The hardcover binding lies flat for ease of use and a handy elastic band place holder can be used as a closure or a bookmark.

Just like you can always wear a little black dress, you’ll also always look stylish with a black datebook. Does Moleskine count as girly? I don’t know. Personally, I love their layout, with days of the week on one page and notes on the facing page.

Maxine Checkbook Two-Year Planner

What you need is a two whole years of Maxine—Hallmark’s cynical old-lady character— to sharpen your sarcastic wit and bring out your inner-grump!

Spanning 2015 and 2016, each month is spread over two pages, with a to-do list on the edge of each calendar.

Should a girly planner be pink?

I don’t know about you, but pink really isn’t my color. But since this article is a selection for you – not just me – I felt pink planners did need to be included. And I think the ones I found were cute and beautiful (sometimes both).

But what do you think: does a girly date planner have to be pink?

Is it girly if it isn’t pink? Readers on a previous version of this post answered as follows:

  • 84% Girls can use any color
  • 16% It’s only girly if it’s pink

417 people have voted in this poll.

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