Spiritual Calendars 2017

Your inner-guide-plannercalendar can take you on a spiritual walk

Working with a spiritual calendar to manage our daily activities and record the important days of the year of our family and friends birthdays or anniversaries can be very beneficial to us in two ways. Those important days do not get forgotten, that doctor’s appointment we made six months ago doesn’t get missed and the job interview we have is for sure on Thursday this week and not Thursday last week. The other way that it can help is that in some way it reminds us to work on our own personal development. 

When we consciously begin a spiritual journey we are in essence on a “search for the sacred”. That can mean so many things to so many different people. We are trying to be a better person, a whole person and have inner peace for the most part. We might find a connection with nature that feeds that inner person or we might try to be more like Christ, Buddha or Muhammad and will want to work on ourselves from their teachings. The journey may have more meaning if we study the Torah. It could even be a combination of some or all of these for an individual. I once heard a Catholic priest tell someone that they should go where they grow spiritually. We can be spiritual and not be religious or we can be religious and spiritual because it is a personal walk. 

simple-life-calendarSimple Life Calendar

Flowers, butterflies, and bees adorn Karen H Good’s Simple Life calendar, which comes complete with heart warming phrases to brighten your day.

Asian wisdom-east-calendarReligions And The Spirit

If one begins to study or at least understand the teachings of many of the Asian religious orders we find that many teach the importance of balancing our spirit, our physical bodies and our emotions to be a happier person. On your spiritual journey you might find that the Buddha and the teachers of Buddhism help you in a sacred way. You may prefer the Japanese form of Buddhism and Zen teachings speak more to your soul.

The Hindu gods may touch you in the way that you need to be nourished or you might gain wisdom and peace from the Sufi poet Rumi.

You will know what makes that spiritual connection for you when you see it.  

inspirations-calendarInspirations Calendar – 12 Month Calendar

You will enjoy this beautiful collection of twelve scenic images, in this Inspirational Calendar. Each photograph is complemented with a spiritually motivating quotation. Also includes a bonus double page featuring a calendar for next year, as well as a section for important telephone numbers and January appointments.

This calendar is eco-friendly, produced using environmentally friendly processes, using chlorine free FSC-certified paper and vegetable-based inks.

Natureceltic-mandala-calendar Based Spirituality

Many cultures of the world both past and present are connected more with the earth based religions. Having a nature based calendar that connects you and your spirit with the living creatures and beings on the earth may appeal to you more. Often we hear these beliefs and customs referred to as Pagan, Wiccan and Shamanistic but those are not the only forms of teachings that are based on nature. 

Before the concept of one God became accepted by many, most cultures did have several gods that they worshiped and ask for guidance from. Many of those did and still do have a strong connection to the earth and nature as a whole. Indigenous people of North and South America learned from the animal spirits and the spirits of the trees, stones and other forms of nature the way to both survive and have a peaceful existence. Some tribal traditions call that walking on the good red road. 

Usually, when the spirit within you seeks knowledge from these sources you are looking for a connection to yourself and the universe and where you fit in to all of it. 

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung

More mandala calendars

9453488_f260A New Earth Wall Calendar

A New Earth Engagement Calendar is inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s Best Seller A New Earth, in which we are presented with the opportunity to create an entirely new world. A world empty of egotistical consciousness and filled with a different sense of purpose and freedom.

Covers month to month for January through December the upcoming year along with two bonus pages of 12 month yearly grids.

Measures 12 by 12 inches when closed and 12 by 24 inches when opened and hanging on your wall.

9453522_f520Simplicity Pocket Planner

Simplifying our lives may be a matter of necessity, or it may be a matter of choice. Either way, as long as essentials aren’t affected, you may find that simplifying your life gives peace of mind and calm – and helps you reconnect with what is really important in life. Whether it is cutting back on stress, reconnecting with family or scaling down on physical possessions and expenses – simplifying your life can be life changing and invigorating.

29 months

August -December

Size Closed: 6.5 ” x 3.5 “

9453525_f520Seize the Day Pocket Planner

A truly inspirational, an artistic soft cover and the colorful artwork and inspirational words of Robin Pickens celebrate our connections with nature, family and friends. To seize the day may be to let it all hang loose, but Robin Pickens means something else. She refers to the ability to enjoy the little things. From a child’s smile, a cat lying in the sun to a butterfly.

Covers August to December two years on – two year planner

Size Closed: 6.5 ” x 3.5 “

A few spiritual calendars to consider

There are several options that you can use for your time management and help you on your walk to find a spiritual way to walk each day. I mentioned some ideas above that might work for you and there are others that you can consider, too.

It is your walk and only you know what will feed your spirit in the ways that you find the sacred in yourself and the things around you.
Besides calendars and planners there are other things that might help you on your spiritual walk or to give as a gift to someone you love.

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