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India and Hinduism Wall Calendars, B.G. Sharma 2014

India is a country rich in gods, history and culture. The calendars gathered here share only that one common thread: the country of India. I found you a calendar with paintings and textiles from the ancient courts of the country as well as calendars featuring photographs of Indian women, modern popular Hindu religious art and posters that were once spread to make Indians into proper citizens.

Blissful Company 2014 Wall Calendar
This new Blissful Company wall calendar for 2014 features 12 color illustrations from the art of Hinduism: showing Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Size Opened: 24.0 ” x 12.0 “

India 2013 Wall Calendar India 2013 takes you on an exotic tour of India, with compelling photographs featuring unique architecture and varied landscapes in saturated color.

Experience the culture and beauty of India through these images. Unfortunately, I there is no 2014 edition of this calendar at this time.

India Wall Calendar 2013
This India Wall Calendar takes you on a visit to spectacular sites of India. The beautiful photography shows you how alive India is with color. The 2014 version of this calendar has not been released as of yet.

Indian Bazaar 2014 Calendar The people of India find the old bazaar posters fascinating and use them to decorate many different places. They can be found homes, personal autos, public transportation, offices and schools. Once these old posters were able to be mass produced the public seemed to embrace them.

One of the hallmarks of Hindu spirituality is the worship of this infinite diversity of the One Unknowable Divine in a multiplicity of forms.

The depth and majesty of India’s magical pantheon of deities is illuminated in the Hindu Gods & Goddesses 2011 wall calendar, featuring the art of B.G. Sharma and Indra Sharma. (Sadly, there’s no up to date version available.) But, as a nice alternative you might like the Gods Entreat 2014 Calendar shown at the right.

B.G. Sharma, a painter of miniatures, is famous throughout India for his originality in composition, design and ornamentation. Indra Sharma comes from a long line of traditional painters dedicated to exerting a genuine spiritual influence on society through artistic means.

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