Nutcracker Advent Calendar 2020-2021

This is a romantic Christmas Advent Calendar for kids and adults devoted to a famous ballet

The Nutcracker ballet is a famous two-act ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The story revolves around a little girl, sometimes called Clara, and sometimes Marie. Since in most versions of the ballet no one talks, it really doesn’t matter. Of course in Children’s books it does a bit. I’ll go on with this description wit the name Marie.

Marie and her family are having a Christmas Eve party. A mysterious uncle turns up with gifts – however, he doesn’t have one for Marie. Marie is of course upset. Then he produces a nutcracker, in the traditional shape of a soldier. Marie is overjoyed at the gift.

However, her little brother is jealous and breaks the nutcracker. Uncle repairs it superficially with a handkerchief.

Everybody goes to bed. When everybody is asleep, Marie sneaks downstairs to take a peak at her nutcracker. She falls asleep, but is awoken (or is she still asleep?) by mice running around. The tree grows very big and the mice prevent Marie from running away. The nutcracker – also grown big – defends Marie with the help of his band of soldiers. The soldiers and the mice battle it out, but of course all ends well with the soldiers winning. Marie plays a crucial part in the battle by trowing a shoe at the mouse king and killing him.

The nutcracker is transformed into a prince. Marie and her prince travel in a world of dancing snowflakes, fairies and queens. Then they arrive in the kingdom of sweets, with sugarplums and other delicious treats.

Don’t you think it’s a great idea to have this lovely Christmas story as a theme for an Advent Calendar?

  The Nutcracker Storey Book Set & Advent Calendar A unique storybook advent calendar consisting of 24 little books, one to be read each day of the advent season. The story of the nutcracker is split up into 24 pieces, beautifully illustrated. Written by Mary Packard and illustrated by Nan Brooks.  

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The nutcracker itself fashioned into an advent calendar – a great advent calendar idea for the ballet lover. 

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