Simple black student planner 2020-2021

Organizer that is nothing more than what it says: a black academic weekly planner.The At-A-Glance line has a reputation for practicality and durability. This spiral bound organizer for July till August the next year is no exception.

Includes yellow note pages as well as monthly overviews for long range planning. There is also a telephone and address section. This is about the cheapest student planner you can buy that still gives you what you need: a weekly spread to organize homework, papers to write and group appointments. Of course you can also plan your sports, dances, dates and holidays.

The House of Doolittle Academic Planner is also an option when it comes to the simple black planner for your everyday use. It also comes in a variety of other colors.

Black academic planners go with every outfit and every style. Pick a weekly, not a monthly, option – to have enough space for notes and appointments. 

You’ll pick an academic planner if you want one that starts and ends with the academic year – if you’re a student or teacher. 

An alternative is the 18 month weekly planner by Moleskine for instance. The Moleskine brand is famous for it’s practical planners and notebooks in any size and while they carry different colors, black is their default. 

The advantage of 18 months is that you can use it as a bridge from the academic year to the calendar year, if you’re graduating for instance. 

Another Moleskine favorite – also available in the 18 month version – is their ‘weekly notebook’ line. It is very suitable for a dated bullet journal system for instance, because every page has dates on one side, and room for notes on the other. 

So you see, in part depending on your budget, you can get student planners with all kinds of set ups:

  • Columns for the days, which means you can set appointments precisely by the hour.
  • Monthly, with very little room for notes per day, but this means a smaller, thinner planner that takes up less room.
  • Rows for the days and a page for notes facing each week.
  • Rows for the days and a weekly spread over two pages. 
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