Fun coloring calendars and planners for adults 2017

Coloring is a lot of fun, meditative and healthy for adults as well as children. You’ll feel more grounded in your life and yet it helps you process whatever is going on with you. Much better than Facebook or tv. 

And what’s more fun than to color your own CALENDAR? I mean really. I wish I’d known these existed before I bought my calendar for this year. I have found you 3 types of coloring calendars:

  • Monthly wall calendars – as you’d expect: one overview page per month and therefore only one page to color for that month.
  • Day-to-Day desk calendars – daily coloring fun in boxed calendars!
  • Weekly planners – not merely great for your day-to-day planning needs, but these also have a weekly coloring page ready for you to dive into.
  • Monthly coloring desk-pad – will help you create pretty doodles, instead of the usual (at least in my case) rather mechanical stuff. 

Coloring wall calendars

81BovQEax6LSecret Garden Wall Calendar: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Calendar

Johanna Basford follows up her best-seller and genre starting ‘Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book‘ with a number of  products, including one calendar. These are doing so well that for next year Amazon is already advertising  a day-to-day calendar and a 16 month weekly planner. Both are available starting July. 

91KfKIJ02tLColor Your Year Wall Calendar: Mindful Coloring Through the Seasons

As you would expect for a calendar like this, the quality of the paper is good, so your ink won’t push through to the next page. Each month has a different theme, suitable for that month. For instance: 

  • January – Koi in lily pond
  • February – Hearts and Valentine
  • March – Easter: Bunnies and eggs
  • April – Spring Flowers
  • May – May Roses and Birds
  • June – Summer Dragonflies
  • July – Hot summer: Ice cream and frozen treats
  • August – Holiday fun: Sand dollars and sea shells
  • September – Parrots and tropical flowers
  • October – Under the sea – whales, dolphins, octopus, divers, waves
  • November – Halloween: Pumpkins and gourds
  • December – Winter Snowflakes

They spiced up the calendar-grid too. On a ‘normal’ calendar this bit is black and white. On this coloring calendar, the days are already colored in. Don’t worry – there is room for your notes as you would expect from a calendar!! 

Day-To-Day Coloring Desk Calendars

What’s more fun than a daily coloring session in your desk calendar? Well…


The color-me-happy brand does it again: a quality calendar, on quality paper (which matters when coloring) with almost daily coloring fun. Almost daily? Yes, they combine Saturday and Sunday. 


This Posh easel calendar has smaller images than the ones in the monthly calendar, but they’re no less beautiful for all that. Users note that the quality of the paper isn’t ideal, so you’ll probably want to use pencil. 

Coloring Planners, Diaries and Date Books

This is perhaps where the genre really shines. 

81+P3PROVsL._SL1200_Calendar – “Color It” Adult Coloring Planner – Designer Organizer 8.5″ x 11″ Planning Calendar and Coloring Book

Includes inspirational quotes, room for your appointments and notes. The paper isn’t as high end as it might be, so people are coloring with pencils. No problem as long as you know what you’re getting into. 

61lMAwiHNPLColoring diary

Simple and cheap -a great way to start coloring and keep track of your appointments too. Again: the paper isn’t the best, so use pencils. 

When you click through you’ll find that some of these are dated, while others are meant for journaling. 

Coloring Desk Pad

71iJluFsiaLThis one is for those people who have a desk pad on their desk: a pad of paper, perhaps with monthly calendar, to jot down notes on and have some fun with. This is a twist on that genre: a coloring desk pad calendar. This year’s version features mandalas – which are reputed to be extra-meditative. As you can see: plenty of space for notes and even appointments as well. (17.1 x 11.7 x 0.6 inches) 

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