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Calendar reminder stickers for every day planning and organising

It’s just plain fun to have a set of stickers on hand to brighten up your calendar and remind you of important and fun events.

This calendar has stickers for all kinds of social events, whether it’s lunch, a dinner party or a night on the town. Less fun things you may need to be reminded of are included as well like dentist appointments and bills that need to be paid. Shopping, sports events, your work out reminders – it’s all there.

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There is something to stickers that just make kids’ hearts pound faster. It’s such a simple thing, but you can light up a day by rewarding a child with a sticker. Calendar stickers are fun as well as educational, helping your child learn to get organized. Whether it becomes a family ritual to put stickers on the calendar, or it’s simply a useful way to help your 6 year old learn to read… calendar stickers are great fun.

Find more calendar stickers below.

Your whole family will enjoy these stickers. If you’re a mom, you’ll like these especially. There is also a set for planning your wedding.