Cute Baby animals, kittens and puppies wall calendars 2017

Cute Baby Animals Calendar 2013

I love these cute baby animal wall calendars.It does not seem to matter whether the baby comes from the wild or is a domesticated pet, they just tenderly touch our hearts. Each of these Wall Calendars feature pictures of baby animals like the polar bear, red fox, North American bison, gray wolf, moose, cougar, black bear, puppies, kittens and more.

Baby animals delight us with their endearing behavior and playful antics…don’t you agree?

Puppies are cute. This is self evident. Nothing like baby dogs to cheer up your day. These planners feature puppies – some cute, some daringly swimming underwater!

And yes, of course, these planners – from monthly to weekly – will help you keep your life organised. That’s what engagement calendars are for, after all.

Kittens Engagement Calendars – More cute small baby pets


Baby-pets are cute. Personally I think kittens are above the set – more fluffy, more self confident, more fun. These datebooks and planners feature cutely photographed kittens (and the stuff they play with) as well as help you stay in charge of your life.

Baby animal calendars

This year what is available are mostly calendars with baby animals in combination with other animals. For instance, there’s this cute wall calendar featuring kittens with other animals.

There is also a desk calendar in the same series. You’ll love the cute combination of kittens, bunnies, puppies and dogs, guinea pigs, squirrels, even birds!!

However you’ll likely also love the wall calendars featuring puppies.

Personally I adore the Pooped (aka sleeping) puppies wall calendar.

However, the ordinary puppies wall calendar is also cute.

Baby Animals WWF Deluxe Wall Calendar Baby Animals WWF Deluxe Wall Calendar
World Wildlife Fund applauds the darlings of the animal kingdom in this endearing, amusing calendar featuring animal babies in the wild, from a polar bear cub and dolphin calf to playful panda cubs.

A donation of $90,000 is made to World Wildlife Fund in connection with the WWF calendars.

Kittens & Puppies Wall Calendar Kittens & Puppies Wall Calendar
Dogs and cats can be best friends! Don’t believe us? There’s proof and it’s in this delightful mini wall calendar. This adorable 2013 wall calendar celebrates these charming friendships that defy natural instincts. If you love baby animals, you are sure to love this Kittens & Puppies calendar. Cross species friendship has never looked so cute.

Cute Overload Wall Calendar Cute Overload Wall Calendar
An utter onslaught of cute—don’t even try to resist. Adapted from the website Time magazine proclaimed the “#1 mood lifter,” Cute Overload takes soft and warm and fuzzy to redonkulous extremes.

Bunnies & Friends Wall Calendar Bunnies & Friends Wall Calendar
This calendar is definitely different: unlike many other Rabbit calendars, it features bunnies paired in interesting combinations with adorable baby animals and unusual critters– kittens, bunnies, puppies, even a duckling! A simple white background emphasizes the natural, inherent beauty and charm of these animal friends.

Baby Animals Wall Calendar Baby Animals Wall Calendar
Baby zebra, hippo, cheetah, elephant, tiger, and chimp—the tiny essence of each species made perfect in baby form. Cuddle up in cuteness with this adorable baby animals calendar.

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