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Find Your New Date Book, Agenda, Planner, or Pocket Calendar

Looking for an appointment planner, perhaps as a way to better plan your family’s life? Are you a student looking for the best agenda to keep track of your homework? Maybe you’re deciding whether a weekly, monthly, or daily planner is best to organize your work and social life?

You’ve come to the right place. I selected these beautiful and practical agendas to cover all of your needs in a planner. Most of them are dated and ready for use. I’ve found it all for you, from the very cheap to high-end date books.

There’s a planner for every person. Included here are planners for moms and families, high school and college students, office workers and businesspeople, and general planners that suit almost anyone.

Some great planners:

Calendars, Planners, Diaries, and Agendas: Different Options

What’s the difference between a calendar, a planner, and an agenda? Really, nothing I can tell. The terms seem generally interchangeable. What they have in common is they are paper notebooks in which you can keep track of your appointments, to-do lists and contacts.

There are many types of planners.

  • Layouts. Planners can be organized with either a day, week, or month on a page. Many planners combine two or more (for example, one planner may have both monthly calendars and weekly pages). Some planners also are further segmented by time of day, which is good for keeping track of appointments and meetings.
  • Refillable loose leaf. With some agenda books, you can swap out old pages and replace them with new ones.
  • Dated versus undated. Many organizers are dated, but others are blank, meaning you can begin using them at any time and fill in the dates as you go along.
  • Other features. Consider if any of the following is important to you: blank sections for note-taking, to-do-lists, a section for contact information, pockets, stickers, expense reports, monthly and yearly goals, and holiday reminders, to name some.

Best Organizers for Moms and Families

These planners are good for busy moms and others trying to organize a household’s appointments and to-do-lists.

The inside of the Do-It-All Mom Planner.
The inside of the Do-It-All Mom Planner.

mom-do-it-all-plannerDo-It-All Mom Planner Engagement Calendar

The Do-It-All Mom Planner is a 17-month date book that runs from August through December of the following year. This organizer has stickers, tear-out to-do-lists, and a handy pocket for notes and papers. Perfect for busy moms!

More family organizers and date books

Best Academic Planners for Students

Bloom Academic Year Planner: weekly organizer page view (fair use).

From homework to extracurriculars, students have a lot to keep track of! These planners are great for students who also want their planners to be stylish accessories.

Bloom Academic Year Weekly and Monthly Pocket-Sized Planner

These planners have fun, stylish covers. Inside, they include a “plan ahead” spread at the beginning of each month which includes fashion and beauty tips and inspirational quotes. The weekly planning pages have plenty of space for writing. Extras include a “year at a glance” page printed on the inside covers, class scheduler, address book, space for notes, and a yearly goals page.
Holidays and daylight savings reminders are integrated into the calendar section.

august-to-augustAugust-to-August Calendar Organizer

These stylish 13-month academic calendars are spiral bound and come in blue, cerise, green, black, turquoise and pink.

Inside you’ll find monthly and weekly calendars, financial planner for monthly income and expenses, and special occasion reminders.

Best All-Around Planners

myAgenda Day Planners for Everyone

myAgenda Desktop Planner: monthly page view (fair use).
myAgenda Desktop Planner: monthly page view (fair use).

The company momAgenda made a name for itself by creating quality date books for, you guessed it, moms. But their mom-centric products were so popular, they created a date book for the rest of us. It comes in two sizes: Desktop and a smaller original size.

This 17-month calendar runs from August through December the upcoming year and comes in a range of color choices that will fit both your wardrobe and your budget. Colors include shimmering scarlet, blue, violet, and gold; leopard, snakeskin, and more.

Features inside:

  • Monthly and weekly calendar views.
  • Year at-a-glance with monthly lists for important events and deadlines.
  • Expense reports section.
  • Blank pages for miscellaneous notes.
  • Useful information like holidays, online resources, and toll-free numbers for emergencies and information.

Moleskine Weekly 12-Month Planner

What i love most about Moleskine is that they have the days of the week on one page, and room for notes on the other. This means that you can always take more room for a day than the default and yet you also always have room to take notes.

These elegant Moleskine planners come in various colors and sizes, and in soft or hard cover. Divided into weeks from January to December 2015, they also include extensive space for note-taking on each page, over 200 stickers, a bookmark ribbon and elastic closure, and an expandable pocket for notes and papers. They’re printed on lovely, high-quality paper.

Best Inspirational Planners

Daily reminders, lovely drawings, and inspirational quotes can add a bit of mindfulness to the task of organization. You can pick from planners that cater to specific themes, such as nature, pets, or meditation. Many have religious and spiritual themes, such as daily prayers.

House of Doolittle Recycled Academic Weekly Planner with Peace Symbol

This student planner covers January through December, and is printed on 100% recycled paper and printed with USA-made soy ink.

It includes inspirational quotes and words of the week, monthly and weekly planning sections, and academic information, such as common chemical formulae and metric conversions. It has plenty of space to record information about exams and school projects.

Paulo Coelho English Planner

Paulo Coelho planners are now available in English! Coelho is one of the most widely read and influential authors of our time. With this planner, you will receive daily inspiration from one of the masters of modern literature.

7-Minute Life Daily Planner, Undated

During an exercise in which she was asked to write down her purpose in life, Allyson Lewis that she was not planning her life with long-term goals in mind. Her revelation resulted in a book titled The Seven Minute Difference. Since then she’s traveled the United States conducting seminars and workshops teaching people how to refocus and reinvigorate their lives by taking small steps toward big changes.

The three-month 7-Minute Life Daily Planner is a companion to her book and seminars as well as a standalone tool that will enable users to define their values, get rid of clutter in their lives, discover their purpose, have a daily written plan of action, set written goals, and track their progress.

7-Minute Life Daily Planner takes proven time management and productivity ideas and molds them into a systematic, repeatable daily process that can be used every day to achieve personal and professional goals.

Best Planners for Business and Office

Cartoons from the New Yorker Weekly Planner Calendar (fair use).
Cartoons from the New Yorker Weekly Planner Calendar.

What is the best agenda book for keeping track of contacts, appointments, and meetings? Date books for offices can be lighthearted, but should be professional as well.

Cartoons from the New Yorker Weekly Planner Calendar

A perfect addition to any office, this spiral-bound weekly calendar features New Yorker cartoons on each page. The pages have plenty of space to keep track of appointments or meetings, as well as a space for lists or notes.

Filofax Refillable Planners

Refillable leaves are a great option if you want to spend a little more on an upscale planner. They also allow you to customize your organizer according to your needs at work. Filofax makes classic planners in various colors and materials. They will cost you, but the quality makes it worthwhile.

At-A-Glance Weekly Ruled Two-Year Agenda Planner

If you want a professional- and classic-looking planner but don’t want to dish out for a Filofax, consider the minimalist At-A-Glance two-year agenda planner. Slim and simple, this cheap engagement calendar is great for everyday reminders.

Take care: 2-year planners are usually monthly, which means there won’t be room for very many daily appointments. If you have a busy schedule, get a weekly or daily planner.

Undated NotePro Daily Planner

Don’t want to buy some datebook that’s totally not your style? Don’t want to buy a pocketbook for 2014 now that the year is almost half over?
This planner is undated, so you can start using it right away whenever you buy it. The pages have a practical setup that you can customize to your own preference. The look is classic and professional.
The NotePro has a day-per-page organization scheme with plenty of room for notes, appointment slots from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, and daily phone logs and to-do-lists.

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