Best Desk Calendars 2017

Most of the desk calendars featured here are of the page a day type that allows you to tear off the page when the day is over. Those are good for entertainment and keeping track of the date, but not for keeping track of meetings or marking down Mom’s birthday, Aunt Martha and Uncle Herbert’s 50th wedding anniversary, or your son’s soccer game time. For those things you need a PLANNER.


When it comes to a calendar for your desk

the options are plentiful

When looking for a calendar for your desk, you will find by doing a basic search for desk calendars will result in a plentiful supply of choices that fit into all sorts of themes. Really, there is something to fit every interest you can imagine when it comes to having a little book or pad that will keep your busy schedule in an orderly manner.

They come in hard cover styles that look like a book or you can choose one that has a softer padded feel to the cover. They might be a large size or one that is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse.

The topics covered in them can be sports related, pet related, humorous or inspirational little messages. Many hobbies can be found in calendar form and just about any other topic under the sun. My feeling is that if it is something that you will look at every day, you might as well have one that makes you laugh, makes you think or shows you photos of things that you are interested in. Am I right? Shown here is a trivia desk calendar.

Do you love your pet?

pet-desk-calendar-kitten-puppyIf pets are a huge part of your life, having a pet desk calendar might be the way you want to go. The fun thing is, it does not matter whether you love dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits or any of the other typical pets. There is a calendar out there showing them in it and there are calendars that are made specifically to be used on a desk.

Cute images of kittens and puppies might be to your liking but you do not have to stop with those choices. Animals of the world whether they are pets or from the wild are often featured in a calendar for your desk or work space. Some will have photographs while others may have illustrations from artists. Some will be cartoons and some will be funny. Many will make you just say “Awwww” while others may have some sort of inspirational message along with the image of the animal. As I said there is something for everyone’s taste.

Celebrity Desk Calendars

beatles-desk-calendarYou may be a huge fan of a certain celebrity who stars in movies or a television show. Maybe there is a rock musician or a band that you favor over all others. Celebrity desk calendars will be something for you to look at.

It might be in the form of trivia or photos of your favorite entertainer or it might be a cartoon character that is a favorite of many people.

Just know that it can be a part of your daily scheduling while giving you a glimpse of the celebrity or celebrities that you are most interested in.

Nurses box.inddLet Me Entertain You

or let your calendar do it

By definition the word entertainment means the action of providing or being provided with something that causes one to be amused or giving enjoyment. So that is what the entertainment desk calendars do, they amuse or give you something to enjoy.

It could be witty or sarcastic comments, it could be a favored cartoon, movie or television show. It might be a hobby like quilting or oragami or it could be sports related. You will know the topics that entertain you the most and that you would enjoy being a part of your desk calendar.

Get Inspiration Or Motivation From Your Desk Each Day

peace-broken-pieces-iyanla-vanzant-desk-inspirationYour choice for a calendar on your desk may be more meaningful for you if it is inspirational or motivational in nature. Looking at Inspirational desk calendars will give you a nice array of choices when it comes to messages that have an uplifting message each day, once a week, or monthly depending on the format that you opt for.

Some will be motivational in a business context while others may have a religious message and others just have uplifting quotes or messages that offer you a good feeling.

You can choose a calendar that is filled with photography or ones that are designed by artists. They might be whimsical or profound in their message. All will help you keep your schedule in order.

A Desk Pad Makes A Good Choice

desk-calendar-padIf your desk is large enough, a desk pad calendar is another option. The one shown is 22 inches wide! The great thing about calendars like this is that it will help protect the surface of your desk from scratches and marks plus you can glance at the entire month very quickly. Of course it also give you a surface to take a quick note or doodle on when you are on a long phone call, as well.

Seriously, a desk calendar can help keep your appointments for work and your family days easy to find all in one place to check when you need to. If you choose an engagement type or a planner type, there will be places to keep notes from a business meeting, keep track of expenses and mileage and anything else you might need to keep handy.

A disorganized person might have a desk that looks like the one here with this paragraph. If they had a desk calendar at hand they might be able to schedule a time during the day to get some filing done. I jest just a little here! Keeping all of your appointments for business and pleasure in one place on your desk is very helpful. While at work your sister calls and says that she would like to come for a visit in a month or so and what would be a good time. You take your desk calendar in hand and can quickly respond that one week is bad because you are scheduled to be out of town but another week would work just fine. That is, if you want your sister to visit! That’s when you make the sound of turning pages and say that you are booked solid if you do not want that visit.

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